Friday , January 22 2021

Manchester United: Gea saw: "You need to sell"

Manchester United came to Camp Nou as a monumental decline. Barcelona has not lost a home game in the playoffs since 2013, and it soon became clear that this will not happen yesterday.

Lionel Messi was his usual brilliant spirit and scored two goals in four minutes between the match sixteen and twenty minutes. The second came after the big picture by United goalkeeper David de Gea, who managed to throw in the ball after seemingly relatively harmless finish to Messi.

Gee is posted on the board

It's also Gea, whose contract expires next summer, which is highlighted as United's poor tie in the press's assessment of the team's efforts.

"If Gea's error is accidental, you can dismiss it as a coincidence, but it is not even missed for the first time this month." He may be the best goalkeeper in the world once, but at the moment is not close " Manchester United writer Manchester United writes Mark Ogden.

"He saved the dignity of the United Kingdom for a long time and now, since he really is bad this season looks at his capacity, it's time to sell" writes ESPN journalist Alex Shaw.

"He killed the match"

Even in the newspapers, Gea gives him a lot of rice. The Guardian describes his failure in Messi's other goals as "surrealist", and Manchester Evening News distributes one to ten and judging him as simply "terrible".

"He killed the game with his weak game," Manchester Evening News writes.

Sweden's Victor Nilsson Lindelof is one of United's players, who comes at least from the judgments of the journalists. "Manchester Evening News" says it was not "overcome" by Barcelona, ​​and "Daily Mail" gave him the approval of 5.5 out of 10 possible.

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