Friday , June 18 2021

Lena German gets a new service in the police

Lena German, a former police chief in the north of Westmanland, now head of the Mitten police station. Photo: Police

We have written in a lot of articles about the event that started with the then local police district manager Agneta Kumlin, who criticized police restructuring in an interview with SVT Västmanland. She was currently the head of the Lokalpolis area in North Westmanland, which consisted of the municipalities of Suraharam, Faggershta, Skankatteberg, Norberg and Sala.

That's why the policeman (then Cumlin's superiors) Lena Herman was upset. According to the information – because SVT Westmanland first discovers – said Lena Herman in a very disturbing tone: "Have you talked about this in the media, that you are dead."

The event received a lot of attention in Sweden, and also the head of the Lena German office, Karin Gabelblad, a regional police officer for the police region of Myt, was criticized and did not get the job he was looking for.

Lena Germanka was moved to the regional chancellor of the police district.

Lena German was indicted by the Westermanland District Court for dismissal, but was acquitted. After the verdict, Agnetha Kumlin said she started a consulting firm. The event, however, resulted in becoming her popular and appointed ambassador for the sale of the year 2017. She, as we said before, writes a book about the events.

Neither the judiciary found a reason to intervene.

Now, police have said in a press release that regional police chief Karin Gotbad appointed Lena Herman as police chief in the Mitten police station.

According to a press release, the role of kanslichef includes "administrative responsibility for planning and monitoring activities in the region on an overall level, as well as support to management with the preparation of references and other issues, as well as administrative support."

Lena Herman has since last held her position as a probation officer, and then acted as acting. She is now designated as a regular user of the service, and the employer and the work organization of the police, the police association, agreed on the appointment.

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