Friday , April 16 2021

It is said that Leksands IF has a negative result of 6-7 million euros

Leksand managed to make progress in SHL – but it was an expensive season. While waiting for millions of SHLs to fall, Leksands IF announced a minus score of several million writing Hockey puls.

– We report for minus results, but I do not want to get into any number, CEO Andreas Hedbor on the site.

Anders Hedbor does not want to comment on the data of a negative result of 6-7 million SEK and says everything will be completed for reporting at the annual meeting on June 26.

The progress towards SHL and its contribution from it is not included in this fiscal year, and Anders Hedbom is positive for the future of Leksands IF.

– It feels extremely good. We expect confidence. I think it feels very exciting for the future. It is very positive for the club and a fantastic move with the return of SHL and all the surrounding arrangements regarding our 100th anniversary, he says for the Hockey Puls.

Lulea hockey goes plus 17 million

Lule Hokey presented his financial result on Tuesday and had wonderful numbers for the club. The Group's profit is 17 million, which is the highest amount in the history of the association. The share capital now stands at 26.5 million Swedish kroner, and sales have increased from 128 kts to 171 million Swedish kroner.

According to the NSD, much of the increase is due to the new SHL TV deal and money Jakob Porzer, a supporter and billionaire of "Miniature", pushed for the tech investment of the club

– It feels very good that we could report a record result, which means that we have greatly strengthened our capital. However, we are very aware that the scope of the result is largely influenced by the one-time effects on our technological investment. However, we are pleased that we could report a positive result before both the playoffs and the one-off effects, says CEO Stefan Enbum on the club's website.

At the same time, Lule Hokey writes that the female activities of the association for the first time reported a positive result, thanks to the sporty and financially successful playoffs.

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