Wednesday , August 4 2021

Isabel Goulden for the new captain of the national team Thomas Akner

Akner now led the team in six matches, two of which were European Championships, and Sweden lost only once, in a training match.

– We did not have that much time together, one week in October, and now 1.5 weeks. He is very dedicated and loves a lot. It feels like getting to know each other more and more and understanding each other in conversation and communication and all that, says right-wing Hagman.

For a short time at Akner, he worked hard on his ideas for playing with aggressive and physically defensive play.

“He wants us to be physical and to stop the opponents, to go out, to do a lot of locks and work with breaks of two and three – to come in and take, for example, the middle nine, so the game dies,” the player told relationship Lynn Bloom.

“Extra screw on everything”

Bloom also says that Axnér needs a lot of work with details.

– We have many combinations in the attacks and that should be an additional screw for everything. If we run a roundabout, it should not only be regular, but something, says Bloom.

Veteran Isabel “Bella” Gulden agrees:

– It is extremely detailed. He goes into the details of the game and finds small solutions in the steps of the game, for example, collaborations two and two, says Gululden.

She also says that Akner is not afraid to take risks.

– Many coaches you have had may be a little cautious and say “do not do that pass” or something like that, or you want to refrain. Thomas feels too open to dare. “It’s wonderful. You can feel a little free,” Gulden said.

Looking at individuals

Bloom also thinks it is good that Akner looks not only at the team, but also at the individuals.

– He wants to develop one. He says that “if you put it like that instead, you will get this shot or this pass.” “If we reach the individual, we can rise both as individuals and as a team,” she said.

The players say that many of them have not yet decided on the ideas for Akner’s game.

– We need to find a basis and structure in it as well. “There will probably be more and more games we play,” said Bloom.

Sweden played two group matches in Denmark, beat the Czech Republic and took a point against Spain.

Russia awaits its final group match on Monday. After that, they are waiting for games in the main round for Sweden.

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