Monday , June 14 2021

Ikea's staff, if notified in Sweden

Inside the entrance of Ikea Hubhult in Malmö, there is a "place for meetings". It is commonly referred to as a wonderful staircase based on the playing material of the Hemnesian furniture area and decorated with colorful pillows on wide stairs. Several hundred employees gathered this Wednesday to inform him about the new global Ikea savings package.

"This is a tough decision. This does not matter because the announcement comes at the same time with the information that the Ingka Group will create 11,500 new services globally over the next two years," said Tolga Onci, Ikea Group retailer.

Wednesday's savings package means a total of 7,500 posts will disappear on the official site. In Sweden, Skane is badly hit. In Malmo, 220 places have been reported in Helsingborg 250.

During a visit to the LTO in Malmö's office – which is also throwing a stone from Ikea's department store in Svågertorp – has several employees wishing to comment on the notice. In the mover in the parking lot we come across Connor White. He works daily at the IT department in Ikea Helsingborg, but on Wednesday he met in Malmo for meetings.

– I'm a little worried, yes. I am over 45 years old and a boss. At a time when more perpetrators are needed, perhaps my skills are not enough, says White.

Connor White believes that the main challenge in the future will be to build and invest in new knowledge to achieve competition and to satisfy the evolution of digitization.

"Now you need to attract talent and work as an attractive employer, and for my part, I see it positively. It is now possible to invest in one's own knowledge," he says.

According to Tolga Ontsu the new organization, among other things, is for the development of digitization, home delivery, service and neighborhood stores in order to better live up to new customers and new technologies. As far as possible, he thinks, we should try to exchange knowledge among existing employees.

"Now, the process begins where we are trying to find new opportunities for our employees, we need to identify the skills and see which switch options are available. As far as we can, we want to avoid layoffs," he says.

Jonas Weiger, from the Ikea local club, said they received a conversation from troubled employees on Wednesday, and the mood was subdued.

"Many are probably in a phase of shock, and we still do not know who will be affected. At the same time, this did not come as a lightning from a clear sky, it was a long process in which I think that transparency of management is good.

Jonas Weiger is employed at Ikea, Ikean, which many employees want to call themselves for 25 years. It is in favor of reporting earlier, but not in this measure.

"They took us to bed, it's completely unique in Ikea's history, but while posting, there are also promised new services," he said. "We hope for an influx of fourteen services around the world," he says.

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