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Heartbreak and nimble pop in Melodifestivalen – culture and entertainment

If the spectators decided, Nano was the winner of the 2017 Melodifencain with "Wait," but it put it on the international jury on hold. Now, the former winner of the second prize starts the annual competition in Gothenburg.

Old Nano fans will be able to recognize themselves in "Chasing Rivers" – a song that is powerful and fragile at the same time, with the potential to capture the brain.

High15 became known through TV4 "Talang", and aims to have an international career as a pop group. They are the youngest participant of the competition, born between 2002 and 2003, and delivered a song, a youthful and hearty pop song for avoiding drama – just that – "No Drama" with talk power and a girl.

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Arjaya Saimonya participates in the Melodifestival with the contribution of "My Four Seasons". Stock Photography.

Saijonmaa stands out

A broken heart this week stands for Victoria. She competed twice in Melodifenpen, and twice climbed to the final, but left home without profit. Her third attempt is called "Not with me" and is a ballad for the most difficult and loudest topic of life: love. Will the Roman lines as "gift to me my heart, I can not believe that just crumble" take this victory this time?

What would be Melodifestin without a former participant "Idol" who tested the wings in SVT? The quota for this week is full of Zejana, who finished 12th in the TV4 music contest in 2016. With her she has no less than Samir and Victor saxophonist from last year's Melodifestival, Anis Don Demin.

Their "my fires" are a bit of a mix of everything. It's rap, pop and passion. The refrain largely consists of the words "oh ooj ooj oj".

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Victoria will compete with the song "Not With Me". Stock Photography.

This year's Festival of Melodies is full of veterans, one of whom is Arya Sayonmaa. The last time she was close to winning in 1987 with the song "High above the sea".

Her new song "My Four Seasons" is a contribution that is most different from the others so far. No one can doubt that it is a meal from Saijon and it would be possible to be released ten years before Melodifestival's debut from now, in 2019.

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Nano heads the first race with the national teams. Stock Photography.

Change Bergendal

Mohombi is completely green in these contexts. The artist "Racing Driving" may have been known for his collaboration with Pitbull, but this year he decided to participate in the competition.

His "Hello" is a kind of contemporary pop song that has attracted singing in clubs in previous years – this song also has the potential to do.

The latter is Anna Bergendall, who won the 2010 competition, but without moving to the Eurovision final. Since then, it has been nine years and is well noted. In "Ashes to Ashes" is the composure of "This Is My Life" as an outcast, instead, it swept the pace considerably. Still pop pop and another song that feels very typical of "Melodifencain somewhere in 2010".

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