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Healthy meat from the forest – Sweden

We saw a big difference in the degree of inflammation in the intestine. Before the tumor develops there is always inflammation, so you can see it as an indicator of whether you are getting a tumor, says Stuyna Bourry, PhD in food technology at the University of Technology in Lund.

In the experiment with mice, it was antioxidants from the summer part, garlic shell and residue product from olive oil production, which had the greatest health promotion effect in the intestines. But it is even more difficult to translate the results into practical recipes for healthier meatballs for people, she said.

Free radicals

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Beetroot is one of the remnants of crops tested in healthier meat testing. Stock Photography.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), processed meat products can be carcinogens in the colon and rectum.

It is not certain that this is due, but the hypothesis is that it is associated with oxidation, a chemical reaction that releases oxygen radicals in the intestine.

Therefore, Stuy Bourry focused on antioxidants that can prevent or weaken oxidation in doctoral work. In the first study, 28 different antioxidants were prepared from residual vegetable products that are otherwise rejected, such as blast, leaf and vegetables.

Best in the tests became beet rains, almost completely interrupted the oxidation in laboratory-produced meat mixtures in the experiment.

Deep fried is worse

She also examined the type of meat that most oxidized and came to the conclusion that fried is worse than fried.

Deep frying gets worse, because it has a higher temperature and the oil enters many places, says Stuy Bourry.

The study also showed that pork oxidizes more than nuts and that the shortest storage time is optimal if you want to minimize oxidation.

But many studies remain before Stuart Bourry or anyone else can start the recipe for health-optimum meat.

For example, not all plant products have reduced oxidation. On the contrary, some accelerate oxidation, according to her study.

Try people

Mice studies are also not enough to give reliable answers, so new meat experiments are now being planned, which are being planned for humans.

I can not say that I have solved the problem of flesh cancer. It's too far away. But many people do such research, so in a few years you can merge the numerous research and say something safer.

Dr. Bourne's doctoral research is part of an EU-funded project for sustainable ingredients for healthier meat products, where researchers from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Latvia cooperate.

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