Thursday , February 27 2020
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He is due to go to a veteran brush in Nordcap – Uppsala

Mats Jalin estimates that the route is about 200 km. The goal is to travel 10-15 miles a day on the 40-year-old Milan branded moped.

"It doesn't go faster than 30-35 kilometers per hour, so I expect the trip to take about 20 days," says Mats Halin.

When the UNT arrives on Sunday night he receives help from his father by removing some flaws at the last minute. On Monday, a friend will do a welding job before traveling the next day.

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Mats Halin is ready for the moped adventure that will take him from Uppsala to the Northern Cape.

"I'm not that much at home on mopeds and motorcycles, so hopefully I'll help you out on the road if needed," he said.

The purpose of the trip is to raise money for the organization Never alone which works to prevent mental illness in young people. Mats Jalin himself will donate money for every mile he travels, but he also hopes for a good response from the people he meets on the trip. In addition, he will publish a campaign page on Facebook to spread information about the collection.

"I have a few friends who have been depressed and feel that I really want to do something for them and for all other young adults who are affected by mental health problems," said Mets Halin.

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