Sunday , June 20 2021

Gunilla Persson shows the change of life for the greatest loser

Hollywood Edge Gunilla Persson, 59, is one of the participants in "The Biggest VIP Winner" of this season. Together with celebrities such as artist Cale Moreau and television chef Alexandra Zaci, she struggled to lose weight in the TV4 program. In the middle of the season, Gunila Persson, unfortunately, was forced to leave the program – but the star appears to continue to work independently.

At her Instagram, she now appears in clothing training along with her daughter Erica, when both of them work with a personal trainer. The two match the white sports braces, and while the daughter has black sports shorts, Gunila Persson chose a pair of black exercises for exercise.

"In the form in the hall with Erica." "Annika, twice a week now," Gunila Persson records the image of Instagram.

Shouted from his followers

Many followers of Gunnery Persson called her transformation from the front of the program, and gave him compliments for weight loss.

Gunilla Persson previously told her experience of "The Biggest Loser VIP" and criticized the training of Mike Holsten for his attitude toward her pain.

"I'm struggling with pain, I hide that I have a school life in my life, that's not what I'm saying is a secret, but I can not be in" The Biggest Loser VIP ", and not why I'm not competing and practicing. I will be just a lazy mask, she said in the television show.

"I absolutely do not think of pushing participants like our coach Mikael. If I could train my school and pain, I would do it many years ago," she wrote in Instagram.

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