Wednesday , February 19 2020
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Gothenburg explosion alarm

Three ambulances, several police patrols and rescue services are on site at Gerdsie Square in Bergsian in Gothenburg.

"There is a suspicion of an explosion, more than we know," says team leader Mia Loren at the SOS alert for SVT Ouz West.

According to the alarm, there was a loud bang on the square with the subsequent development of smoke.

"The bombshell is well-spoken and will be coming to the scene, but it is not clear what exploded," said police spokeswoman Anna Guaranson.

Damage to the facade

Police and emergency services were dispatched to the scene. The blast occurred in connection with a square in the square that was damaged on the facade.

The location is blocked, which also affects the stop next to the public transport square.

"We have seven firefighters there, but we can't see much damage to the location," said Johan Eckland, the alarm and command operator at Greater Gothenburg Rescue Service.

There is no evidence that the incident resulted in personal injury.

Preliminary investigation into the destruction of public property.

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