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Fiasco near United's thunder – win against Ligue 1 club

onIbrahim Alsalman

Manchester United have unveiled a new super fiasco.

The PL giants ousted League One club Roddell after a penalty.

He is now awaiting a summit against Chelsea.

Photo: Alastair Grant / TT news

The poor season starts for Manchester United. Mason Greenwood took advantage of the home team and tried to score a few goals, but Rockdale, playing in League One, held firm.

For the remainder of the quarter, the away team went 1-1 with 16-year-old Luke Matson (born 2002 and turning 17 on a weekly basis). Talent met with the recording and pointed to the confirmation.

He imposed all penalties

Manchester United, which had Paul Pogba, Fred and Jesse Lingard in the starting eleven, pushed for goal management but to no avail. The match was set at 1-1 and penalties resolved at Old Trafford. Once there, all Manchester United players put their penalties on, while Rockdale one. Thus, progress is being made for Ole Gunnar Solskjaire's men – who now face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in October.


In the other hit of the night, West Ham suffered a huge loss to the Oxford United League club 4-0. Bournemouth, who started the Premier League season, also came out of the cup. Burton won 2-0.

Chelsea drove over Grimsby 7-1 overall, and Liverpool had no problem clearing out MK Dons 2-0. Arsenal are waiting for Anfield for the 'reds'.

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