Thursday , January 21 2021

Expert: The law on the game can lead to few toy companies Gothenburg Post

The reorganization of the gaming market has already led to less problematic gamblers and a significant reduction in gaming company revenue. An example is Global Gaming, where many of the players in the betting company have been excluded from the games, something that is possible with the new law.

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Overall, Sweden's gambling has declined over the past ten years, and especially the proportion of Swedes with problem gambling has decreased: from 2 percent to less than 1.5 percent over the past three years, according to public health statistics.

Self-restoration in the industry

In the long run, the new law on games may mean that gaming companies that make most of the troubled players disappear from the market, says Ula Romilde.

I believe some games companies will be eliminated as a consequence of the new law on games. There will be a kind of self-refinement in the industry where they need to manage affluent companies with groups of clients who are moderately playing, while those who push their players to play for a lot of money can take a bang, says Ula Romilde.

Ulla Romilde believes that toys themselves have an important role in preventing and preventing gambling problems. For example, she takes Norway where the state-owned toy company Norsk Tipping called on players who lost most of their money and stressed that they should review their games.

The players continued to play, but for less money. The effect there then became that the revenues of the toy companies are decreasing. Norsk Tipping said they could use that loss, and could be socially profitable.

The game is shrinking

Now Paf also states that the average gambling of state gambling companies has dropped by one third as a result of the new law on games.

This is fully fueled by the fact that our big players have significantly reduced gambling. We see that the deposit limit is about half the drop. Also, opportunities for breaks for games and new rules for online casino times have contributed, says Paf Christer Fahlstedt, CEO of TT.

Christer Fahlsted, on the other hand, believes that Paf will notice a smaller decrease in gaming revenues than the industry as a whole. The company does not have as high rollers as many other players in the industry and actively works to not encourage problem players, he says.

We believe that we make less money for those who play a lot of the industry as a whole. We do not reward clients who play a lot with us, and we will never chase any customer who stops playing or makes direct marketing losses. But many of our competitors are probably doing the opposite.

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