Friday , October 22 2021

During Day N7, Mass Effect of the Future (with a cup of coffee)


N7 Day came and disappeared, and all we had was the Xbox One X patch Mass effect: Andromeda, Whether …? In the N7 movie, in which both fans and Bioware celebrated the legacy of the series, Hudson finished drinking a cup of coffee "I should go" and disagree about the future Mass Effect.

… entering the studio every day and dreaming about what will be the next Mass Effect game.

What the day N7 means for Hudson, as seen in the following video. It's not much, but if Bioware really wants us to think anthem and not Mass Effect they barely put the words "next Mass Effect game". We also know that there is one such thing in the pipes. Michael Gamble, Mass Effecta producer who tries to cook on the basis of speculation:

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