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Dream scenario of Andreas Johansson in the golden drama at Allsvenskan 2018


"You want to hear the real jubilee when the ball is halfway through the plan"

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Andreas Johansson, 36, is leaving IFK Norrköping proud of what he built.

But he sends a passport to all major Swedish clubs.

"We feel that we have the best conditions for development," said the team captain.

After seven seasons at IFK Norrköping, Andreas Johansson returns home in Halmstad, but leaves as the icon of the great hero.

"I am very proud to be involved in the construction of this, I am leaving IFK Norrköping when the club is at the top.

What are you most proud of?

– Of course, gold from 2015. It was magical. Then we managed to build a new IFK Norrköping. In addition to SM gold, we won the last edition of the Super Cup, we stayed in the final, we qualified for the Champions League and the Europa League, and next year Beijing will return. We've made a three-year medal, says Mittbacken.

Better than big clubs

He also feels a bit cautious when it comes to recruiting and processing all Swedish clubs.

"In economic terms, has it never been as much as before this season in Swedish total?

"At IFK Norrköping, the development was extremely sporting and organizational, IFK Norrköping is now in a completely different place in the food chain, we have a very harmonious and good environment for developing young talents," says Johansson, raising the latest example:

"We bought Arnor Sigurdsson, he was loaned out in Sylvia last year, he played ten matches with us this year and scored three goals all over Sweden, scoring CSKA Moscow in the Champions League against the Roma on the second day.

"It's unique, but we also have an environment where you get time and it can go wrong.

Ante Johansson can now fulfill his dream in the club for 2,500-3000 followers of Snokas at the Bravida Arena in Göteborg, where IFK Norrköping can lead the SM star from that time.

On September 1 you had nine points after AIK after playing 1-1 against Trelleborg.

– Then he felt it worked. We wanted to achieve Europaplat as a realistic goal. But then we were very strong. We were in subordinates, but we changed a few matches.

"But we did not think we would have a chance to win the SM gold in the round. We really have everything to win now.

What does it tell you?

"We've been faced before, but we know we can deal with it primarily by winning with Häcken. We can not focus on what AIK does to Kalmar.

It looks endless

Do you want to know how it will be in Kalmar during the match?

"It's not impressive because we have to win anyway. I think we will hear it anyway because we will have several thousand fans with us.

"It would be nice if you heard a big jubilee when the ball is on the middle level of our match, so that's what it's all about. It would give a huge boost.

The 36-year-old signed a three-year contract with BK Halmstad.

"I feel as good as when I was 30 or a few years ago, I do not notice any difference and it's still great. Like today I feel, I do not see a break in my career.

"When we did the yoyo test this summer, I was even better than usual," says Johansson.

During the third year he will participate in each training function at HBK.

I thought you would be the assistant of Janne Andersson in time …?

– There is a Janne clause that I can use wherever I am in the world … haha.

– Well, I'm just kidding. I want to play football for the next few years. Then we'll see what role I finish more accurately.

Stay close to emigration

Before Andreas Johansson moved to IFK Norrköping, he spent 2.5 years with German Bochum.

Considering the successes you have gained in Norrköping – how many offers have you received over the years?

"I thanked Halmstad again when I decided to extend from Norrköping.

"I was on a swing with a foreign club, but they changed coaches and then there was no time to move in. It was a year after we won the gold, 2016," says Andreas Johansson.

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