Sunday , June 20 2021

Deputy Chairman of the SSU Skåne resigns

The evening post revealed how the group at SSU Skåne expressed radical Islamism, homophobia and a distorted view of women.

On Sunday, the chairman of SSU Skåne, Mansour Ahmed, decided to leave his post, something he wrote about Aftonbladet Debatt.

"I realize that my person can stand in the way of the best organization, and the choice will be easy."

Now Niklas Karlsson, the chairman of the Social Democrats in Skane, announces that Khloe Abdel Wahab resigns from the post of vice president of SSU Skåne, explains SVT.

– We are happy to leave them. It has an important signaling value, because it shows that you are ready to take it seriously, "says Niklas Karlsson to SVT.

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