Sunday , April 18 2021

Dalkurd vs Syrianska is played without an audience

The super-game is played without an audience according to the heavy demands of the police

onPatrick Brunning

The match between Dalkurd and Syrian in Super Cup on May 6 will be played without an audience.

Dalkurd made the decision itself because they believe that the security requirements for those who are organizers are unreasonable.

"We have incredible requests for us from the licensing authority that we can not solve physically and economically," said the club's director Dalkund, Johan Gustafsson, to Sportbladet.

The safety requirements for the organizers of football matches created a great debate in Football Sweden during the spring. Recently, the big Swedish clubs Malme FF, Gurcarden and Hammarby in the "Sportblatt" article worry about the risk that it may soon be hard to find someone who wants to take responsibility for the arrangements.

Now that's what happened.

"There were incredible requests for us"

The Dalglish Supertalian Club announced on Friday that they will close the home game against Syrian on May 6 for the audience. The reason is that the club assesses the security requirements of the police as unreasonable.

– We received incredible requests from us from the licensing authority that we can not physically and economically manage. Then, unfortunately, we chose to exclude the audience, so we know that we do not risk anything if that can happen, the director of the Dalkurd club, Johan Gustafsson, at Sportbladet.

It will cost a normal annual salary

The meeting between the 2017 law was interrupted after a person threw a bright shot plan. Then Dalglish won the 3-0 victory.

According to Gustafsson, the arrangement would now cost "normal annual salary for plain Swedish" if all security requirements are met. This at the same time as the club has an audience of around 200 people in their competitions and expected an audience of about 1000 people to compete against the Syrian.

– The amount of the guards, the hosts of the matches and the security requirements regarding the arrangement is proportional to the middle class competition in the Tele2 Arena when there are up to 20,000 spectators. Of course we respect the decision of the authority and from there we find that we can not deal with the arrangement required by the licensing authority, and then we do not want to risk anything, "says Johan Gustafsson.

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