Thursday , January 21 2021

Cone epidemic at Jonagarden: Infection monitoring shows widespread in staff

Fifteen elderly people fell ill with covidiums in the Jonasardden and Strandingsgatan nursing homes in Bjerred and Loma.
Monitoring the infection shows that an even larger number of staff are infected – but that the virus has not yet spread among residents in multiple departments.

There are four departments in Jonasgarden in Biered with a total of 42 seats. In one ward, nine out of ten elderly people became ill with coffins.Picture: Ingemar D Christiansen

For two weeks now, a major epidemic of covid-19 has been raging in Frisunda nursing homes, Jonasgarden in Bjerred and Strandungsgatan in Loma. In Jonagarden, nine out of ten elderly people in the ward became ill – and at least one died from the disease. At Strandsgathan, six elderly people in a ward fell ill.

Now a large follow-up of infections shows that at least fifteen staff members are suffering from pertussis.

– Most of the employees who are infected work in the units where we have infected care recipients. But the vast majority of staff who tested positive have no symptoms. That reflects the complexity of the coronavirus, said Camilla Kindal, a nurse in Loma County.

In Jonasgården there is over 150 people were tested: all the elderly and all the staff – including cleaners, security guards and other people who were in the nursing home. Relatives who visited the nursing home were also asked to take samples.

There is still no clear answer as to how the infection arose and how it spread to the affected ward.

At the Strandsgatan in Loma, six elderly people in the same ward fell ill. It was also found that part of the staff in the same department was infected.

A new round is now being made with samples taken from all staff and all old ones to check that the infection is not spreading.

– We do not have a spread among care recipients in other departments. It is very beautiful, says Kamila Kindal.

For the infected in staff, follow-up of the infection continues with whether someone close to them carries the disease. About ten percent of the staff tested had advice.

– It reflects the infection in society. And most people do not really know where they got infected, says Kamila Kindal.

Fresunda works with all four nursing homes in the municipality of Loma. This is the first time a corona infection has entered Loma nursing homes.

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