Friday , April 16 2021

Common toxins in the environment can lead to premature death Gothenburg Post

There is a correlation between high levels of PCB toxins in the blood and premature death. It shows a new study for nearly 1,000 70-year-olds in Uppsala, made by researchers at Uppsala University, the Academic Hospital and Orebro University.

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PCBs, polychlorinated biphenyls, are a group of long-lasting and severely crushed industrial chemicals that were previously used, inter alia, with seals, dyes and plastics. Toxins were banned in the 1970s, but stored in fatty tissues and still appear in, for example, fish, meat and dairy products. Especially PCB toxins with many chlorine atoms remain in the blood of most Swedes.

The study, which is presented in the Jama magazine, measures levels of blood poisoning in the 1970s. When researchers followed who died in the next ten years, it turned out that those who had the highest level of PCBs with many chlorine atoms had a mortality rate of about 50 percent, especially in cardiovascular diseases. This is independent of the risk factors that are otherwise associated with such diseases.

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