Monday , June 14 2021

Coach Jämtland Basket died: "Lots of money"

"And so it will be written, and then he should get what is said honestly," says Torbjörn Gehrke, head coach of Jämtland Basket to SVT Sport.

These are the first words he says. As many words mean in this context, no one knows enough, but few can make Zeljko Broce justice, such as Torbjörn Gehrke. Duon has been work colleagues for seven years. They worked together everyday and drowned together, says Torbjörn Gehrke.

It leaves a big hole

"There are so few people who know and know who this person is, a guy who went to the water, it was his way of life, I do not know how many times I went into players, so they feel bad and see him sitting with the player. he longed so much, he still shakes his voice.

Gehrke describes him as a person of great loyalty and commitment, which mostly concerns two things.

– If you look at the word loyal in the dictionary, you'll see his face. He had a crazy approach to the team. Two things he cared about were his daughter and team. It was there that he spent time when he was not at work. It is very hard. It will leave a hole that, in my opinion, people do not really know.

He is talking about cardiac arrest

It is not clear exactly what happened to Zeljko Brlek. But this cardiac arrest took place during a short visit to Croatia.

"I spoke to some of his relatives and his absolute best friend who told me he just collapsed. He went to the hospital, and then he could not stay there anymore, and then he left for the evening. What they know is that it is a cardiac arrest.

The deal will be huge, says Gehrke

"We'll think about him all the time, not because of what happened, but because he will not be. You'll notice it unbelievably.

What he meant in Jämtland Basket?

"He had so many things for so many people, it's unique to him." He had the opportunity to find out if someone was feeling bad, and talk and look, he just brought with him.

Unbelievably popular

"The worst part of all this is that his daughter (who is 10 years old) will not understand who his father was and how incredibly popular he was. I received over 300 text messages (in writing) from people around baskets who regret and understand what he meant it.

On Tuesday, the point is that Jämtland will meet with Norrköping at home. It is not clear whether the match will be played or not.

Zeljko Brlek was only 41 years old and left his wife and child.

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