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Christine Caspersen and Malin Bergagen closer than sometimes

Hostess Christine Caspersen celebrated her 50th birthday and celebrated her big day with a gleaming party at Gorvin Castle. Malin Bergagen, 53, loves to pay tribute to Instagram's little sister.

"50 bastards and it looks like this !!! Besides, fun, kind, driven and with the WORLD's most beautiful laugh. "

Christine Caspersen describes the sisterhood in warm words:

– Malin takes advantage of life and welcomes it every day. She is love.

Celebrity sisters differences

The sisters are closer to each other than ever, not only after a difficult year last year when they supported each other after the loss of their mother, artist Barbo "Lil-Babes" Swenson.

Regarding Christine Caspersen and Malin Bergagen, who run KappAhl's Fall and Christmas campaign, the sisters note that they are both equal and different. When it comes to the exterior, they can really pull in completely different directions.

– I would describe my style as ordinary. Malin's style is more floral and gypsy (a blend of "gypsies" and "airplanes", ed. Note) while I'm more stylish and monotonous, says Christine Caspersen and continues:

– I prefer to spend money on quality and classic clothing so that it lasts longer and I can use it for a few years, rather than spontaneously buying a trend that is short-lived.

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Take advantage of Christine Caspersen

Malin Bergagen thinks she really doesn't have much interest in fashion, over the years she has developed a rather original style.

– I like the gypsy style and just black in a mix of Chanel and Japanese. Christine feels classically clean and modern, and I rather Ibiza and without any fashion reference, she says.

But, according to Malin Bergagen, having a sister interested in fashion is a big plus.

"Christina buys more new ones than I do, so I inherit a lot of clothing from her which is great," she says.

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Christine Caspersen

Program leaders, writers and lecturers. She was recently featured in the final season of Let's Dance, where she delivered in full and eventually won the entire competition with her dance partner Kale Stern.

Family: Philip, 22, Leon, 15, and dog Mino 1.5 years.

Malin Bergagen

Malin Bergagen is an actress, writer and blogger. She teaches yoga which has become her great passion in life for 20 years.

Family: Christopher, 32, Love, 30, Lynn, 24 and Isaac, 17.

The KappAhl collection has been available in stores since October 16, consisting of outerwear, cozy knit sweaters and durable lingerie.

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