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Chinaman's antidote to the preacher with boss Stephen Anderson

"Our guests will consist of a mixture of people who represent the groups that this person openly expressed hatred towards"

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The slogan preacher plans to spread his message to Joel Cinnamon's restaurant in Stockholm.

Now, the colleagues of the Swedish Hollywood star come: invite to whom Stephen Anderson directs his hatred.

"If a person decides to appear at lunch with us, they will have to eat a Lily Burger with people who hate them expressly – but as we were curious in Lily's Trial," the open letter said.

American hat preacher Stephen Anderson they called their followers Joel Kinnamans Burger Lily's restaurant in Stockholm to spread the message of hatred. Now comes a colleague of Kinnaman.

The Swedish Hollywood star, who internationally took the place for gay rights and participated in last year's celebration of pride in Stockholm, writes in an open letter together with Lily Burger's colleague Mahmut Suwakci that they can not forbid Anderson to eat at the restaurant:

"The boundary is subtle when it comes to baning guests based on their opinions, religion or statements they have given, even though they do not match our values ​​that are very different from this person."

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Joel Kinam.

"Eat with them hates"

Instead, Kinnaman and Suvakci intend to preach a hat-aphry with a restaurant filled with people standing behind what Anderson hates. In addition, they fit to mention the preacher as a "chicken", a pronoun, which was at least previously considered controversial among conservatives:

"Our guests will consist of a mixture of people who represent the groups for which this person has openly expressed hatred. If a person decides to appear at lunch with us, alone or with his followers, they will have to eat a Lily Burger with people who they expressly hate them – but we certainly want Lili's Burger.

It is still unclear whether Joel Chinaman himself will be in place, but according to Neesbladet he hopes to be.

It stopped from five countries

Stephen Anderson's visit to Sweden is scheduled for May 29. His congregation in Arizona has about 100 members, but on Youtube, he spreads his message to over 100,000 followers and a total of his videos are shown over 50 million times.

Stephen Anderson preaches hatred against Jews, Muslims and LGBT people, believes homosexuality should lead to the death penalty and work on equality. He wants former President Barack Obama to die and rejoice at the terrorist attack on a gay club in Orlando in 2016, where 50 people lost their lives. He was previously stopped from entering Jamaica, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada and Botswana for his hate message.

On Tuesday, Stephen Anderson released a video in which he presented the details of his visit to Sweden and urged his followers from all over Europe to join him at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Pure Provocation"

At Urban Delhi in Sodermalm, Stockholm, where a Hut preacher invited her followers to breakfast, you want to try to stop the visit of the preacher:

– We understand why he chose these places. This is a pure provocation because we are very clear in our values ​​and where we stand and is quite the opposite of it, "said Sibel Wolf, marketing and communication manager.

– We did not receive any reservation and we did not know that he planned to come here until he came out and said it in his video. We do not intend to allow this meeting for Urban Delhi for two reasons. First and foremost, the safety and security of our employees and guests. And partly we do not want him to have a meeting where he spreads such an opinion in our premises. How we do this, we explore, she says.

Nöjesbladet applied for the third restaurant.

Read the whole open letter of Joel Chinaman for a planned hate-hate visit

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