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Children suffer from long-lasting goat symptoms for months

They did not get rid of the symptoms for seven months.

Alexandra Svenonius and her 13-year-old daughter fell ill during the Easter break. They were not tested because the tests were for nursing at the time, but they had clear symptoms.

– Every day it feels like the body is fighting the virus. It feels like the body wants to get well, but it takes time, she says.

The feeling of illness came and went with fever, abdominal pain and headache. The symptoms now are a lot of fatigue and shortness of breath.

– Our daughter does not feel well even one day after she got sick. It does not feel like it is gone given all the symptoms that come and go all the time, even if the virus itself is probably gone, says Alexandra Svenonius.

A total of four siblings fell ill

The mother of six Zandra Auglin and her family were affected by the pandemic, in May four of the children fell ill.

First, Big Brother Mike Person (12) was infected.

“We got a little shock when the test was positive,” said Zandra Auglin.

The three youngest siblings, 1-year-old Pixie-Lee and 2-year-old twins Felix and Axexon also tested positive, she said. Six months later, all four have persistent symptoms, such as fatigue and coughing, and this continues to affect their daily lives.

“You do not want to move much, first of all do not run because then you will be more out of breath,” said 12-year-old Mayz.

He can still get tired just by walking from his room to the second floor.

– It feels hard, because sometimes I have a little pain in my legs.

Researcher: Fatigue is typical

Jonas F. Ludwigson, a pediatrician at Erebro University Hospital and a professor of medical epidemiology at the Carolina Institute, has published a report on a case of long-term goiter in children.

“I saw that nothing was written about the long goat in children, only data on adults,” he said.

– Also typical for children is fatigue that can last for several months. It is very noticeable and can make you do nothing.

Alexandra Svenonius’s daughter-in-law is involved in the study, and she also has contact with Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital, which will now investigate about 20 children suspected of long-term forgery.

– I have to believe that it will be good. Compared to this spring, it is better. We rejoice in the little things in everyday life, take a short walk at a snail pace and what we have survived.

The National Board of Health and Welfare met with the Patients’ Association

During a news conference with the Swedish Public Health Agency on Tuesday, long-term coronary heart disease symptoms were reported.

Thomas Liden on the National Board of Health and Welfare then said that many people who suffer from coronavas later experience problems that do not go away.

He went on to say that the organ had recently met with the newly started Covid-19 Patients’ Association and that research was needed to gain more knowledge about the far-reaching symptoms of coronary artery in order to have a basis for treatment and rehabilitation.

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Investments are now needed in long-term research into covid-19.

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