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Carolyn Seger and Nila Fisher to play in the 2022 European Championship

From: Anna Riden, Petra Torren


GOTENBURG. Sweden is ready for the European Championship 2022.

Is there a championship with veterans Nila Fischer, Hedwig Lindal and Carolyn Seger in the lineup?

Age does not matter to Peter Gerhardson.

– The best will join, says the captain of the national team.

Several top stars of the national team are at the end of their careers.

Goalkeeper Hedwig Lindal is 37 years old, midfielder Carolyn Seger is 35 years old and midfielder Neila Fisher is 36 years old this fall and will not be younger in 2022.

With the coron pandemic, the championship cycle has been postponed and the Olympics and European Championships have been moved by one year.

Sweden was ready on Tuesday night after 2: 0 against Iceland for the European Championship that was to be played in 2022. It is clear that the “women of the team” were the ones who celebrated the most progress in the locker room.

Photo: Daniel Steeler / BUILT

But if we look up?

He plays Lindal, Seger and Fischer in the championship that is expected to be the biggest ever.

For the striker Sofia Jacobson, the answer is given:

– They drive further. Of course I hope they are involved. Incredibly important players to have in the national team. Skilled and experienced, they mean a lot to these teams,

Will they last for a year and a half?

– Yes, it is not that long. It’s fast.

For national team captain Peter Gerhardson, form and physical capacity are key.

“I always want to play with the best, it has nothing to do with age,” he said.

“It’s hard to think far well”

Carolyn Seger herself is in good shape, which was seen against Iceland. The team captain was solid in the midfield, winning duels and second balls and enjoying the game in the middle, not over the whole team.

After the match, she was greeted by Icelander Glodis Vigosdottir, a teammate at Rosengard.

– I still think she is one of the best midfielders in the world. I think she will keep that level and she is very important for the Swedish team. “If I were a Swede, I would hope she would not give up,” said the Icelander.

Carolyn Seger smiled when she heard the praise:

“As usual, I pay well,” she said with a laugh.

The upcoming championships will be a question for the future of Caroline Seger, who is on her way to Teresa Sjogran’s record with the most international matches.

– It is so hard for me to think so heavenly far ahead. Where I am at the moment, it feels very good. I had a good year, football feels fun and I feel good in the national team where I feel I can still deliver. “Somewhere it becomes the most important thing, then we will see where we stand when we travel to England,” said Carolyn Seger.

Nila Fischer said earlier this week that she was unsure about qualifying for the European Championships.

– We’ll see. I have a contract next year and I will fulfill it. “I will do what I can to compete in the Olympics, then we will see,” she said.



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