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Bladder Surgery Related to Depression Risk | New technology

Young people with distant appendicitis are at increased risk of psychiatric diagnoses later in life. This may have to do with the link between brain diseases and intestinal bacteria.

Today's medical reports on a Swedish study in which researchers examined 44 | 000 young Swedes who have had bowel inflammation removed due to inflammation before they are 14 years old. These were compared to people of the same age who did not have these problems, as well as those who had inflammation of the colon but were not operated on (just over 1,500 people).

Adolescents who have undergone cervical inflammation compared to normal peers have been found to have a 19 percent higher risk of depression later in life, a 27 percent increased risk of bipolar disorder and a 20 percent increased risk of anxiety, the magazine said.


Those who had appendicitis but were not operated on had no increased risk of psychiatric diagnoses.

– The small intestine can be a reservoir for intestinal bacteria in the impaired intestinal flora and probably has important immune functions such as antibody secretion. Appendicitis surgery could theoretically increase the risk of ongoing diagnoses as a result of increased inflammation, says Ulf O Gustafsson, chief physician at Dundee Hospital and chief study officer, to Dagenis Medical.

Don't give up

He is careful to point out that the study cannot prove a causal relationship and that the possible effects for the individual are not very large.

"Individuals with appendicitis should not refrain from surgery because of our results, although antibiotics could be an alternative if more similar relationships were shown in the future," says Ulf O. Gustafsson.

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