Friday , October 22 2021

Arsenal ready for the final game in the European League – despite the mindless action against Sporting Lisbon


Arsenal played 0-0 against Sporting Lisbon, but he was still ready for the playoffs in the Europa League.
Mostly the game was about injury to Danny & # 39; Welbeck after the Englishman got oxygen and was buried on the back.
"In the second half we have created a few good positions, but unfortunately we did not manage to get the ball in the net," said Petr Cech after the match.

Arsenal received Sporting Lisbon in a match that could ensure the promotion of the London club to the Europa League final.

After half an hour, Danny Welbeck was hired on foot, and medical personnel gave him oxygen. The attacker landed not after a duel with anyone and looked as if he lost control of the leg.

None of the teams achieved any important results, and Welbeck was the only goal scored in connection with the situation when he was injured.

Arsenal looked like a free kick at the end of the game when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was on target. At this point, the defender was released by Jeremy & # 39; Mathieu just behind the penalty area, which led to a red card for the defender.

The match ended 0-0 severely, and with the Qarabaga win against Poltava secured a safe edge for Arsenal.

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech after the match:

– Halfway we knew that we did a good job. We just had to push the target and continue to be aggressive. In the second half we created a few good positions, but unfortunately we could not get the ball in the net. We got a point and managed to the next round. They (Sporting Lisbon) were very well organized and have very good players.

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