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A storm when the church ceases to confirm it

The Swedish Church in Jankiping offers several different types of confirmation classes each year.

Now two of the popular groups have been canceled.

Rebellion feelings

Just over a month ago, the church decided to pull the emergency brake this summer. For a long time, several incidents have become known. And when the whistleblower in the work told something specific that the person had seen and heard, it led the church to report a police report of sexual assault on a minor girl.

– We know who the suspect is. And, as far as I can tell, he's not one of our priests, says Por Sistrast.

The decision to stop the groups has caused anxiety, especially in many parents. At a tumultuous meeting, those in charge tried to explain and defend their decision.

Get rid of the storm

There were other considerations behind the solution. During some confirmation camps, there must be great damage to the yards you rented. In addition, pastor Ann Alden has sounded the alarm that the way in which camp leaders have been replaced in recent years may be in violation of tax law. Now the question will be examined by external auditors.

– Compensation will not be made this way in the future. We must not do this simply, says Por Sijestrad.

Now the church will try to get out of the storm and look ahead.

– We stopped these groups in the hope that we would have time to build something new. What we don't know yet, says Por Sijestrad.

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