Sunday , April 18 2021

A ski on the right track in the semifinals

Jack Turin. Photo by Petter Arvidson, Bilvyn

In the fourth attempt during the season, IK Savechoff came close to the decision to defeat IKK Scodevi. But only nearby – Skövde won the first semifinal match by 30-29.

Sävehof had Jonas Larholm as a six-time shooter and Gzim Salihi unlocked the defense four times. Guests slammed the wedges that remain, for the need to break their opponents in future visits.

So far, the Scovedeau arena is the strongest playoff that can be imagined.

Mainly defended it on Friday evening by Matthias Helta Jepsen with eight goals.

Skövde led five goals (18-13) shortly after the break. When it closed to the end, another home screen stood at decisive ends.

– An extra game to get the last goals. They set a point on Matthias (Hero Jeep) and she opened up to me. It was really important to win the first game, said eight-shooter Jack Thurin on the club's website.

IFK Skövde – IK Sävehof 30-29 (14-12)
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Skövde leads 1-0 in matches. The next match will be played on Monday in Partiel.


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