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A new gloomy record: 45 was shot in 2018

Over 300 shootings. 45 dead. 135 injured. Then the appearance of the Swedish firearms looks for 2018, according to the final police statistics that are now ready. A worrying trend is that now shootings are affecting even smaller cities.

Another gloomy record in the shootings of death was set last year. A total of 45 people were killed in 306 shootings last year, according to police.

"We have a very serious situation in Sweden and it is completely unacceptable to continue," says Mats Lefwving, head of the TT National Police Operations Department.

Last year there were a total of 306 shootings. 135 people were injured, and record numbers – 45 people – were killed. 2017, however, 43 people. In 2016 and 2015 the number was 28, and the years before were significantly lower.

Many of the shootings have links to criminal conflicts and vulnerable areas. Most of the shootings in 2018 occurred in a public place in a densely populated area, according to police.

– We see that these killings with firearms exist in areas with organized crime and vulnerable areas. But we also see that quite innocent are affected, says Mats Lefwving.

This is happening although police, according to Lefwving, worked more aggressively against violence in firearms in 2018 than ever before. For example, five times more – a total of 330 people – were detained by the court with the help of the new Law on Weapons.

– We note that detainees, prisons and special homes for young people are full. But what we see is that many young people take it when we arrive at the found criminals, says Lefwving.

Even in 2019, there is a risk of becoming a difficult year, according to the police. Three deaths have already taken place. And Mats Leffing sees worrying tendencies that firearms also affect smaller cities.

– Eskilstuna, Erebru, Varnamo, Umea and Borlang – we saw skirmishes there. It is not possible to see clear links to vulnerable areas and organized crime. But still violence with firearms. It is important not to spread across the country.

The basic problem is that it has been done too little for many young people, says Lefwving.

– The survey clearly shows that by far the strongest crime prevention officer is a healthy family with real values. All families who can not independently manage their youth must be supported.

In some vulnerable areas, more than half go out without being able to read further.

"It's a purely school of crime," says Mats Lefwving.

Last autumn, the report also found that out of 15,000 people who may be linked to organized crime, about half have a psychiatric diagnosis.

– Then we ask, of course, where is the child and adolescent psychiatry? Where is it as a crime prevention officer? What makes the police must be related to what others do. Otherwise, this will not be better, says Mats Lefwving.


More dead, but less shootings

Shooting in 2018 through Sweden

Number of shootings: 306

Number of deaths: 45

Number of injuries: 135

Shooting 2017 in all of Sweden

Number of shootings: 324

Number of deaths: 43

Number of injured: 139

Source: Police


Record this year

Borlänge, January 11: Two men in their 25 years have been killed in Borlänge shortly after 23 hours. One is so badly damaged that he dies later. A 36-year-old man has been arrested for murder and attempted murder.

Stockholm, January 12: At 8 pm, police were warned at Tenshya in northwest Stockholm after people heard a wave. A man in his 25s was found shot in the open air. He dies later.

Umeå, January 23: A man was killed in a firearm in the Yersboda district. Two more men were injured. Two men were arrested suspected of murder and attempted murder. Two more men have been arrested, suspected of murder and attempted murder, and one to protect the criminal.

Stockholm, January 28: A man was injured in Tennessee late in the evening.

Source: Police

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