Sunday , April 11 2021

With daily training over the session

Sydney, April 26 – People sitting a few hours sitting in front of a table or watching TV should work more than 30 minutes a day to help prevent health problems, according to Australian research recently published in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, DPA news agency.

A study from the University of Sydney in Australia found that people who sit six hours a day and do not practice daily die of cardiovascular disease, as well as those who practice one hour a day. Almost 150,000 people over 45 took part in a nine-year study.

They also discovered the relationship between daily long-term seating for more than six hours, with health problems such as overweight, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression. Repeated exposure reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease in those who sat on a daily basis for four hours or less, but practically had no effect in those who were sitting longer.

However, those with long sitting, who were 20 to 40 minutes daily, were moderately physically active, for example, walking or strolling down the stairs, could significantly reduce health risks.

"For example, people who were inactive and who had been sitting for more than eight hours a day, 107% were more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those who are physically active for at least an hour every day sitting less than four hours a day," said lead author study, Professor Emanuel Stamathekis.

"Every movement is good, but moderate to vigorous physical activity, which makes people breathe, is the most effective," recommends Stomatosis.

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