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What the taxpayer has discovered with the new owner of the ski resort Krvavec

Previous findings of the tax inspection are definitely confirmed by the suspicions that entrepreneur Janez Jansa was not financially capable of buying RTC Bloody. Is it a threat to financial skiing in a popular ski resort?

When RTC Bloody went into the hands of an entrepreneur last spring from the branch of Ureot of Zreče Janez Jansa, many wondered if it was really a suitable buyer:

  • two days after the end of the business, entrepreneur Jansha revealed to the public that there is really no money to invest in the blood. He stressed that the state's assistance is considered to help reconstruct the old cableways and towers;
  • he already has problems collecting money to buy a ski resort. When the payment deadlines of 1.7 million euros have expired from the purchase price, he borrowed 310 thousand euros on the gray market at the interest rate that borders the slaughter.

The sums and suspicions are now finally confirmed by the Financial Administration (FURS).

Cross over the ultimate owner of the blood

In the fiscal inspection of the company Jansh, Infotain revealed irregularities in calculating the value added tax, disguised withdrawal of money from the company by providing loans to family members and raising large amounts of money through which the entrepreneur pays personal consumption.

Entrepreneur Janez Jansa, owner of RTC Krvavec

Entrepreneur Janez Jansa, owner of RTC Krvavec
Photo: STA

Infohip is the last article in the chain of companies through which Jansa is owned by RTC Bloody. According to the latest data, they intend to pay a fine of over 334 thousand euros in additional tax.

"The tax procedure process is dragging for more than a year and a half, all this time to prove that that debt does not exist and therefore the inspector's findings are wrong. To the record, which after all was the first document given by Fur, we will naturally comment, "Jansa told

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The new owner of the ski resort in Krvavec is a tax debtor




What did the tax inspectors find?

Even a year before the purchase of the blood, it seemed that the entrepreneur Jansa should not have problems with the money. At that time, the state collected 3.5 million euros in damages. He received it because of unreasonably long court proceedings in the dispute with the residents of the only Textilind's home in Kranj, which he bought in 1995 and could not have evicted the residents there.

Of the documents we received at, it is obvious that approximately one third of the total damage, that is, about 1.1 million euros, had to be paid to the Ljubljana lawyer Mike Shipka, which for many years represented a litigation with the state. Whether this is a reward, it is not known.


Photo: STA

According to our data, Fur's interest raised the high costs of the company's lawyer. The inspectors suspected that their accounts allegedly excessively avoided payment of VAT in the total amount of about 250 thousand euros.

Three more suspicions about violation of tax laws have been revealed:

– Janša's entrepreneur in 2016 and 2017, when he already received compensation, approved two members of his immediate family, he approved more than 230 thousand euros of loans. In Fur, they are convinced that this is an income payment for which a 25% personal income tax should be charged, which would be 57,700 euros;

– in 2017 he raised cash and paid for various services for his private purposes from his company account. In total, there were good 82 thousand euros. According to Fur, it is disguised payment of profits, which would result in payment of more than 20 thousand euros from the personal income tax;

– Jansa also used the deduction of VAT for a well-valued 26 thousand euros accounts for financial and business consultations for the acquisition of RTC Bloody. This should not be done because it was not an activity of the company Infohip.

RTC Bloody

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The channels of information that stirred the public: The bloody fighting against the line or not?




Is the blood bank financially exhausted from tax debt?

Janša stressed that he does not expect tax liabilities. "If they are shown, they will be solved by Infond from their own funds," he explained. Last year he claimed that it was a "misunderstanding with the Cross" and that he would not have to pay the euro either. His predictions have not yet been made.

Where it will find money now, it is not clear. For several months, InfoBank has blocked all bank accounts. According to publicly available data, other Jansa companies do not have enough money to settle the aforementioned tax obligations.

Bloody, ski resort

Photo: STA

If Jansa fails to rule out Fur's decision, he will have no money to pay his tax debt, it can be threatened even because of the loss of the ski resort of Blood. In fact, Mahar managed to notice a ban on the disposal of the assets of Infopile, indirectly and the ownership stake in RTK Krvavec.

"The Infobayte has enough money, and the tax procedure will in no way affect Krka Krvavec," said Jansa. For now, it is unclear whether he, as owner of RTC Krvavec, will owe the accumulated profit of RTC Krvavec due to tax debt, which at the end of 2017 amounts to just over 600 thousand euros and is intended for investments.

In 2017, RTC Krvavec recorded a record 4.8m euros in revenue and almost half a million euros in net profit. In addition, it generated 1.6 million euros from operating cash flow (EBITDA).

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Slovenia ski region? Not much earlier.




The best ski resort in the country with great plans

The bloodshed is considered one of the best organized and visited ski centers in Slovenia. Shortly before the start of the ski season, he won the world ski prizes for the best ski resort in Slovenia for the third consecutive year.

However, the view of all the bloodthirsty slopes is reflected by the old wire installations that will sooner or later have to be restored. There is not enough accommodation. Also, large investments are needed in order to finally revive the summer season.

They plan to spread ski tracks, invest in additional snow devices, expand accommodation and catering facilities, cycling and hiking trails, organize entertainment and cultural events, and the like. "For some of the investments, we are already financed, but there are very intensive talks at all levels," Jansa said.

"The RTC Bloody works very well, we see an increased number of visitors and an increase in revenues, so we are satisfied with last year's profit. We will not fall asleep," he added.

The owner of the ski resort disagrees with the mayor of the municipality of Cherje due to unregulated parking along the lower station of the cable car.

The owner of the ski resort disagrees with the mayor of the municipality of Cherje due to unregulated parking along the lower station of the cable car.
Photo: Planet TV

Even before this year's ski season started well, he intervened in the dispute with the longtime mayor of the municipality of Cerklje France Cebul. From the municipality that had previously defeated him in the struggle for the purchase of the blood, he asked to provide the parking lots under the lower station of the cable car, but he was not successful.

"I announce to the guests that the blood person has an owner who wants to mess with each other. If it should be followed, the municipality should solve every parking problem for every individual, which is, of course, absurd," said the mayor of Crkel.

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Before the peak of the ski season complicates the bleeding #video




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