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"What helped the trap in Ljubljana"

The stories of the callers are similar. They say the real, old bastards are just for the sample. Many people throw all the homeless in the same basket, but not so. Those still pervading the streets of Ljubljana know when people are more generous and can survive, and sometimes there are also crisis days.

It turns out that people who greet festive delicacies, when looking at the homeless, kindly demand some changes, are cold measured by the intruder and sent from work. The little person is wondering where is the reason for someone to find the edge of the society on the road, depends only on the good will of passersby. They are less common, who think that supporters really reflect the situation in society, that they are not all voluntarily captured on the road, without the possibility of a person worth living.

Many of them barely look at the cable car in the park, at Three Bridges, let alone enter your pocket. Ugly look and "work done!" Sometimes there were very frequent reactions of passersby, but this arm does not even affect the right one in the heart. He is already used for this. What disturbs people most? Dirty laundry, general appearance of neglect, maybe a bottle in your hand?

Some of the clowns burned a few years ago: "In France, monasteries prefer to represent themselves as celebrities instead of pushing them between social excrement."

Well, the hand of the heart, it is sometimes difficult to separate the cops who are from their souls, or chose such a life from us and from "ordinary" homeless people, in frozen and similar categories of people from the periphery. Those who try to ask for a recipe will hear dozens of stories, different fates that do not have to come from their own desire for the week; Someone works and fehtari, because he is crazy from the cradle, many of them have been rejected by their parents, others have lost their jobs.

Most often, only then with a broken trademark or everything that comes with it is distorted. Some of them had families, jobs, housing, money … and they broke up. Desperate attempts and battles for survival followed, then hopelessness and finally lost battle. Thereafter, there is a degree of indifference when a kind of rebellion begins against a society that permitted the seizure, against a society that only sees in a disturbing clapping and a bottle in hand.

Bloody violent deaths

But the clowns also die. In general, almost invisible, only if murder occurs, they get more attention. Some of the violent deaths died in their former residence in Churka, in Ljubljana.

In December 1996, during the ceremonial joy in Churara, he raised the 50-year-old aspirator Stanislav Kushar. He died of a change, and his assassin was 32 years old B. S.also resident then of all forgotten Zukrna. In any case, from Hotel Stanislav will force 250 tolars. Because she wanted a drink. But he did not have his sacrifice in his pockets, nor did he spend money. B. S., who at that time repeatedly caused riots among his homeless colleagues, ruthlessly shook the iron rod with Stanislav. The news of the severe threat was only touched by the few. He was a humble man, never violent when he prayed, he was not attacked.

Somewhat more public attention was paid to brutal reprisals and murder of homeless homeless people Marjan Jancic June 2003. On the ceiling of an abandoned building in the middle of the city, five bullies, including four minors, were terribly worn over it. They held one of the most severe murders in our country. Enthusiastic crowds spent the night drinking tobacco, doubting Jancic took him. When they really found him, they started hitting the blows. They were walking with sticks and boards. Torture lasted several hours, and then one of them even boasted about how the bonnet felt. Marjan Jancic was never violent.

Rest on the bench PHOTO: TOMI LOMBAR

In November 2004, a 48-year-old Croatian citizen died in Grades nad Gradom nad Piovo Gorico Alois Levanchech. The company of the Ljuboski Klosarians drank there, followed by a quarrel and a fight, and Levančič was dead. The cause was a severe lesion on the chest. The perpetrators of the trial say they do not actually know how it happened. She has been living in various titles for a long time in Slovenia, and has for some time been a foreigner. The investigation revealed that the dispute was due to a woman who was also in a beer company.

Death on the bench

In addition to violent deaths, doctors also die from natural deaths. Everyone is sad, everyone is hiding a personal tragedy. Media reports are modest: a dungeon died on the bench in the park. In mid-2006, a 47-year-old died in the Koper Park Martin Chernich, a diploma. There were fresh wounds on his head. During the autopsy, it was found that he was likely to die at night with an epileptic seizure and excessive alcohol consumption. Three years ago, in the barracks, besides the Koper Stadium, he found a dead partner, including a chef. He died of illness.

No, suicide is not our style. We want to live. Many of them fell into Ljubljana. Well, yes, they also helped.

That same year Kranj hit the Koper Emil. He was deployed in his shelter under the bridge, but he got off the canal on the shore, swallowed into the water and drowned. He ended up as a large number of homeless people and bastards, who rarely see natural death. Almost simultaneously with Emil, in Kokra, they found the body of a 46-year-old slut from the front. And he, probably innocent, slipped along the coast and drowned.

In September 2005, Jesenice lost the most famous slaughterhouse, 61-year-old Benjamin Menchinger. They knew him under an alias Sheriff. He died on the railroad tracks. He was hit by a train.

Stories that quickly fall into oblivion

Who knows how similar there are sad stories that quickly fall into oblivion. Who knows how many victims have died so far in Ljubljana for drowning; The Luxembourg, as they say, is a real bloody tomb. A few years ago, when several bodies were extracted from the water, the votes were extended to commit suicide. At that time, the Ljubljana clowns tried without success to try to tell the public that there were only a few suicides among them.

"What's missing," said the famous bastard, "we are people who want to live. No, suicide is not our style. We want to live." He added that there were many suspicions that they had fallen into Ljubljana. "Well, yes, they also helped them," he said. But the police did not investigate too many such deaths, although it was not a secret that there were many slippers in the cabinets in Moste, where water collectors collected floating bottles and sold them.

A decade ago and a little while, when there was a point of contact between the homeless from Ljubljana and the old Tsuknarra near Ljubljana, the death of Clokshar happened between the walls of this and the surrounding areas. Many remained unexplored.

"You bend, lean and rush, into the water," said the interlocutor, repeating that someone "helped" someone. "But why, one blocker less, write three rows of reports and end." Does the police ask anything? "The police? They prefer to look aside," he replied, and murmured that it was so and so irrelevant. One less, many people even cheer.

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