Sunday , October 17 2021

Watch out for the following symptoms, you may have cavitary pneumonia

Belgrade pulmonologist Srѓаan Luki., who works in Slovenia, posted an extensive text on Facebook on how to diagnose caviar pneumonia and how to treat it at home if you can not be admitted to hospital. He says he decided to publish it to bring the disease closer to people and possibly reduce their fear if treated at home.

Why pneumonia occurs in one person and not in another, they still do not know, nor can they predict whether there will be possible complications. “Anyone infected with sars-cov-2 will face a lottery – pneumonia or not,” Lukic said.

Most patients with caviar will recover without pneumonia. Among those who get sick of it, most will get over it without complications. But, according to Lukic, those who have pneumonia do not know if there will be complications or not, so every patient with caviar pneumonia should be hospitalized so that doctors can monitor the development of the disease by monitoring vital parameters several times a day. “Although these devices are often unsafe (in the case of cold fingers), they can still help and show an oxygen level of 97 percent. If this drops to 94 and then soon returns to 97, that is no cause for concern. If she is 94 years old all day but was 95-96 percent a few hours earlier or even 95-96 percent the day before, that could be worrying. “Someone with a chronic illness always has 90 percent.”

Pay attention to the following signs …

If you do not have an oximeter, Lukic says you should pay attention to the following signs that indicate a drop in oxygen in the blood: headache, pale bluish skin (first around the finger and lips), rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, drop in blood pressure, anxiety , irritability, confusion, loss of strength at the slightest effort.

“Do not cause stress if only one of these signs occurs, because it can only be the result of fear. “If you notice several symptoms at the same time, it could be a sign that your lungs are really failing and that your body needs extra oxygen.”

Relax and do not panic

Lukic advises you not to panic if you are left in home care despite the confirmed pneumonia. “Then, as with any viral infection, the most important thing is to rest as much as possible and leave all the energy to the body to fight the virus. “Take pills prescribed by your doctor and, above all, drink a lot,” he advises.

“Eat enough food, relax if you have work to do at home, do not do that. Any stress, even the slightest, can worsen the health picture. Instead of watching movies and series, listen to the music you enjoy. “And do not think about the disease and its possible worsening all day,” said the pulmonologist, adding that write down the symptoms and course of the disease three to four times a day, and then relax again, because this is the best treatment for viral infections.

Take plenty of time to recover

If the course of the disease worsens, prepare a hospital bag. Your doctor will probably tell you in advance where to go in this case. “Keep things handy so you don’t pack too quickly, which can make the disease worse.”

In perpetual patients with cavitary pneumonia, the disease will pass without complications. What is even more important, says Lukic, is that after the end of the treatment you recover for another 15 days in peace, with mild physical activity and contact a doctor for an examination.

“Covid is a disease that is unique in many ways, including a long recovery period, about which we still do not know much, but it is also clear that prolonged symptoms of the disease can occur, lasting several weeks, although the virus has long been absent. more in the body “, says Luki и and concludes that the longer recovery period is even more important.

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