Sunday , April 11 2021

Voice of the Upper region With wetting urination

About two hundred patients who waited on Saturday and Sunday at an emergency unit at the Clinical Center in Ljubljana could potentially be infected with measles virus.

With measles from abroad

University Clinical Center in Ljubljana (UCC) announced that two measles patients who were recently treated in Russia and Germany have been treated at health clinics at the Ljubljana Health Center at the last weekend. The visitor who stayed in the waiting room at that time could have contracted the measles virus if they had not been diagnosed or had been vaccinated twice, the National Institute of Public Health (NIHZ) warned. From the clinical center, NCDI has already provided lists of waiting patients who are informed about the possibility of infection and measures in writing at home address. According to NCDH, about 200 patients are potentially infected, and all those who were born before 1960 and who are likely to have an illness have already been eliminated. In the UCC, due to the last event, the management of the Health Center in Ljubljana again called on workers to return their official clinics to the old site as soon as possible, and after the eventual return of the official clinic to the UCC facilities, they can be deployed in isolation rooms , since there are currently no conditions for the isolation of highly infectious patients in the emergency block. The mules are transmitted through the air to the infectious droplets of the secretion of the nose and throat of the infected person, for example by sneezing and coughing. NIJZ warns that patients should immediately notify the selected personal doctor and stay home immediately after the onset of typical signs of illness, such as fever, inflammation of the eye conjunctiva, sore throat, cough, and a typical red rash. For further information, guidelines and explanations regarding the measles action, the NIDZ epidemiologist is available at the telephone number 031 646 617 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Diplomatic consultation

This week, Brdo pri Kranju held a traditional conference on diplomacy in Slovenia. In his introductory speech, President Pahor stressed that in the future Slovenia must consolidate its influence and strengthen its reputation in the world. According to him, Slovenia should present itself as a safe, politically stable and economically advanced country and a credible partner. As for Croatia and the arbitration decision, the president believes that the circumstances are working for Slovenia and that the essence is the dispute, because the border is determined and will be labeled sooner or later. He himself advised that Slovenia should act wisely and patiently. Foreign ministers Miro Cerar addressed the diplomats and assured that Slovenia remains committed to multilateralism and the rule of law. He warned that in today's world there is an indirect threat to multilateralism, and therefore security and peace. He stressed the importance of tackling security challenges in cooperation with others and within international organizations, among which the basic framework for this is the NATO Alliance.

Twice burned in a sorting shop

The residents of Lennart, after two fires in Salomon's waste sorting department, demand more control over the plant and the new location for it. They also urge the authorities to check, inter alia, the environmental permit issued because it points out that the company releases industrial water into the public sewerage network that does not have Lenart. They conclude that the company is operating illegally, since all drained liquids and water are not treated in the Velka Stream. Municipalities gathered in a civic initiative are supported by local mayor Janez Kramberger. Meanwhile, Salomon is convinced that the second fire in their collection and sorting plant at Lenart, which occurred a week ago, was unloaded. "It is certain that the second fire did not appear as a result of the first fire, and the question is raised who wants to remove us from this site or who we are. We are convinced that the second fire was unplugged," they said. The cause of the first fire is still unknown.

Professional firefighters in volunteers?

In Trbovje these days there is controversy over the intention of the municipality to reorganize the work of the fire brigade. The new organization envisages the abolition of a professional unit and the introduction of a voluntary association with a professional core. This means that during the week, professional firefighters will be present at the Institute between 06:00 and 14:00, and during the night and at the end of the week, volunteer firefighters will be on duty at a professional level at home. The fire brigade union believes that the announced changes marked the closure of the institute, which would exacerbate fire safety.

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