Saturday , September 18 2021

Update The October 2018 update for Windows 10 is available again for download

Microsoft assures you that it has made all the errors with the update of October 2018 for Windows 10!Microsoft assures you that it has made all the errors with the update of October 2018 for Windows 10!

Members The Windows 10 operating system It has become clear for several weeks that they have been updated with Microsoft Update from October 2018 I really appreciate it because it is a lot of hacking. Due to an error in the code many users have left without their valuable data or without a valid license to legally use the operating system. For these reasons, Microsoft has repeatedly decided to simply remove the new Windows 10 update from the Internet. Although the Microsoft programmers folded their sleeves fairly and tried to improve the October 2018 update. For Windows 10, they had nothing to do with their hands because the bugs were something of a bet. Now is different.

It seems, however, that Microsoft's programmers were able to eliminate all the major update updates of October 2018, which means that they will be available for download again for all Windows 10 users around the world. As you know, these users will bring many new features and improvements. Among them, undoubtedly stands out the system of artificial intelligence, which "intelligently" will choose the time to reset the system. In addition, Microsoft's programmers will improve the way they connect to smart cell phones, the way they handle applications, the notebook will be the first to receive important updates for the first time, and screen capture will become faster, simpler and, above all, more transparent. In practice, this means that Windows 10 will become even better than today, and of course it is much more useful.

Update The October 2018 Update is still available for free for Windows 10 License users. The availability of the update will allow us to get to know the operating system itself, but we can also run it manually in the system settings.

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