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Tyson is finally back in the ring

Famous former American boxer Mike Tyson was supposed to return to the ring on September 12, but the fight was postponed for two months. Rival of the 54-year-old Iron Man Mick, as the once invincible Tyson was called, will be the legendary Roy Onions, 51, on November 28 in Los Angeles at the exhibition exhibition of the 50-year-olds.

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Although the fighters have been together for 105 years and will box according to the rules of the exhibition, he will be the main judge Ray Corona, the duel in the world will attract more attention than most sporting events this year, the organizers are convinced. Mike Tyson he posted several photos and videos of his training sessions on Instagram, and enchanted boxing fans with his technique and figure. According to a gossip website TMZ, which closely follows the lives of the famous and rich, and the American television CBS will have a fight on Saturday at the Staples Center, the home of the hockey teamAnge Kopitar The Los Angeles Kings and the basketball LA Lakers and Clippers. The main goal of the fighters, however, will not be to win by knockout or get injured. Organizers say it will not be a classic boxing match. The legendary fighters were even ordered not to try to be knocked out and eliminate the opponent in such a way. If any of the fighters suffered a cut, wound or other injury during the match, the match will end immediately, it says CBS. But the fighters themselves laugh at these rules; the two rejected the idea that their duel would be something less than a real boxing match.

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Tyson publicly ridiculed the idea of ​​video conferencing, to which he responded, saying: “First of all, if you think you’re going to enter the ring with Mike Tyson, who put the last contestant on the show in the first round and boxed just for fun, there’s something wrong with you. Who goes to the ring with the great, legendary Mike Tyson and thinks, ‘Oh, this is just for the show. Exhibition. ‘Really? Come on brother. They are sober!

Tyson last played on November 6, 2005 in Washington, DC, when he was defeated by an Irishman in the US capital. Kevin McBride. The once powerful boxer Tyson recorded 50 victories in his career, 44 of which by knockout, and suffered six defeats.

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