Thursday , April 22 2021

The unjustified "old Trafford" intruder has raised a lot of dust on the island

This year's selection of the best enamel in the English Premier League has not gone without controversy. Given the great domination of Manchester City and Liverpool's leading duo, it is logical that the whole selection is based on the names of the players of the aforementioned giants, but one name is particularly striking, because, according to many experts, this does not deserve a place among the best.

League of the Football Association of the English Premier League chose the first eleven new start-ups in the 2018/1919 season. But with one (big) mistake that raised a lot of dust on the island.

It's not unusual that the names of leading Manchester City and Liverpool players dominate this year's election, but the situation in the strongest football league in Europe is difficult to accept Manchester United's midfielder choice Paula Pogbaia. The golden French national champion from last year's World Cup in Russia, who was still a brilliant club season in which there was no shortage of turbulent moments that had a greater impact on the season Red Devils. "It's completely illogical that in this election there was no place for Chelsea I'm in danger or Tottenham Heunga-min Sona, which plays in life form. After the show, the act certainly does not earn the place in the best of the Premier League " they are united critics.

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However (in a tactical arrangement 4-1-2-3 and 4-3-3), among the goalkeepers the city took the caretakers of the city Ederson Moraes, in the defensive line from left to right Andrew Robertson (Liverpool), Aymerick Laporte (City), Virgil Van Dijk(Liverpool) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), before the competitors, already mentioned Paul Pogba (Manchester United), Fernandinhoin Bernardo Silva (both Grades), and at the tip of the attack, a striking troika is compiled Raim Sterling, Sergio Aguero (and the city) and Sado Mane (Liverpool).

The fact that Edmund Hazard is one of the nominees for the best footballers of the Premier League this year, who has not found a place in the penalty for the attacker, casts a shadow in the election this year, which will surely raise the threshold among the supporters of the island football for some time.

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