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The Šmarješke Toplice finally got the mayor: this is Marjan Hribar

In the municipality of Šmarješke Toplice, the new 11-member municipal council has been confirmed as the latest in the country after the autumn local elections. After the four-hour hearing of the two-vote appeal, the newly elected councilors were defeated by an old mayor Bernardke Horn and in the absence of the public, the mayor confirmed Marjan Hribar. Krnc announced the appeal to the Administrative Court.

He expects an appropriate transfer of business

After nomination and an oath to journalists, Hribar said that the municipal council confirmed him as the winner of mayoral elections.

So that the saints decided to deal with the appeal and the mayor's oath without the presence of the public, Hribar indicated their decision and right. He added that this long election process has been completed, and announced today for work on the Smarje municipality under new leadership.

He also expects a proper handover of deals, he said.

Representative Krnčeva: We have completed the appeal

Legal representative Krnčeva Damijan Gregorc with Hribar's appointment, he announced a complaint to the Administrative Court.

He already announced this possibility when filing a complaint to the municipal council. Among the main complaints of that time, he alleged alleged deficiencies or, mistakes in the report of the municipal electoral commission and the suspicion that somebody else voted in place of the elector, and the sum of invalid ballots. He said today that he complained to the alleged irregularities both before and during the elections.

Let's remember

After the second round, the mayoral elections in Šmarješke Toplice showed a tie between Hribar and Krnčevo, which would require a mayor's drawing. Because the candidates to the work of the electoral committees then filed objections, the electoral commission decided to repeat the elections at the polling station Bela Cerkev because of the irregularities found, and in the renewed procedure after Hribar's appeal and the verdict of the administrative court, it was decided not to repeat the mayoral elections in Beli Cerkve.

According to the commission, Hribar won 1017 votes in the second round, while Krnčeva won 1015 votes. Today, the saints confirmed this outcome.

Krnc's municipality of Šmarješke Toplice has been running the last three mandates.

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