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The renovated Hotel Brdo will have 136 rooms, of which two presidential suites

After the castle in Brdo near Kranj, the hotel is closed due to renovation. Extensive renovation and expansion are foreseen – instead of 78 accommodation units, there will be 136, of which two presidential suites. They will organize a swimming pool and a garage and will change the roof. After the renovation, the facility will be significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly. The opening is scheduled for January 2021.

In the 70's, the hotel Brdo near Kranj was closed due to renovations from tomorrow.

As explained by the Director of JSI Brdo Chopla Muhin Stanich, the construction works will start in summer, and the opening of the renovated hotel is planned in January 2021. A comprehensive thorough renovation and expansion of the hotel is planned, which will "the highest level of the hotel "Brdo" as part of the protocol, has provided a greater number of accommodation facilities, as well as security suitability. "

The competition for the reconstruction and expansion of Brdo Hotel was announced last year, and the expert jury chose the conceptual solution of the Arku Architecture Krushets.PHOTO: JZH Brdo

The new hotel will have more capacity – 136 accommodation units, of which two presidential suites (now 78, one of which is a presidential package), will support the appropriate logistics, fit and adapt to the needs of people with disabilities. Refurbishment of furniture and equipment, renovation of plumbing and electrical installations, construction of broad lifts, replacement of the roof and arrangement of the external environment is foreseen. They will also organize a swimming pool and a garage. After the renovation, the facility will be much more efficient and environmentally friendly, since energy needs almost completely cover the needs of renewable energy sources (heat pumps), rather than the current use of gas.

During the renovation, Brdo's property is in progress. The Convention Center operates smoothly and will continue to host protocol events, business congresses and other meetings. There will also be weddings. Park Park, golfers and riders will greet Park Park as well.

Brdo's property near Kranj is the most important protocol area in Slovenia, designed for domestic and international protocol events at the highest level. The renovation is planned for a long time because, with the exception of the construction of the Brdo Congress Center in 2008, major renovation interventions, there was no remediation in this area. One of the incentives for renewal is the Slovenian EU Council Presidency, which stems from the Government's decision of 2016 that the JGZ Brdo complex will be defined as the location where the most important events will be held during the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council in 2021 .

"The new hotel is a great potential for property marketing in Brdo in the future. Hence, capacity expansion will open up new opportunities for penetration of the international market and in terms of marketing of the congress center. Shipyard property has great potential, proving numerous domestic and international awards and good business results. In 2018, JGZ Brdo ranks among the 100 fastest growing companies in Slovenia – Gazela 2018. In the last four years, Hotel Brdo doubled the number of overnight stays, and last year sold over 11,000 rooms sold, while the Congress Center hosted nearly 70,000 visitors, "explained Munich Stanichev.

The opening of the hotel is scheduled for January 2021.PHOTO: JZH Brdo

Last year, however, the Brdo Castle was closed, which we visited during the renovation. The rooms, followed by eminent guests once, were emptied, and the beautiful chandeliers witnessed the splendor of the gold and silver saloon. The experts say that Tito's last stay hides a watch that stops right at the time of his death, and the bear, who was supposed to give Jovanka the death.

When the renovation of the castle was held, it was said that a project financed by the state budget would be worth 3.6 million euros, and the value of the renovation and expansion of the hotel is estimated at 26.2 million euros. Today he is Secretary General of the Government Stoyan Tramte asked the amount of the answer that the projected value of the investment will not be announced even before the formalized bidding procedures, because they want the bidders to offer their real price on the tender and not to adjust them to their estimates.

500 hectares is a large estate with 900 species of animals

Brdo's property is almost 500 hectares, of which 380 hectares are covered with wood. There are 900 species of animals and 700 species of plants. The house is a fortress with four tracts and towers for defense, which has a charming courtyard inside. In the towels they arranged apartments and furnished them with furniture from the Snezhnik Castle. The pool on the terrace was renovated in the fountain, and the paved terrace was decorated with a copy of Kalinov pastirka.

Salons and corridors of the castle boast an extraordinary collection of stylish furniture from various historical periods, valuable crystal chandeliers and carpets, sculptures and paintings by Slovenian artists, and the castle has a chapel and a rich library with about 8000 first copies of the books. In addition, a building permit for the Brdo Castle from 1510 is also exhibited.

The only remaining remnants of the original 16th-century building equipment are the Renaissance wooden ceiling with strong beams in the upper room of the southwest tower, which was an iron house and, as mentioned above, will become a meeting hall.

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