Sunday , April 18 2021

The Huawei's new main phone has a zoom that is out of competition

The smart Huawei P30 Pro moves the boundaries of mobile photography and in freedom to affect focal length, reflected in a diverse magnification – zoom.

One of the last areas where compact cameras were driven is the big increase. For example, for a vacation photo, the highest possible "zoom" is still a rewarding option, because for many reasons, for some reason or another reason, the motive can not come close to the distance you need or need for excellent framing. As smartphones began to receive cameras, there were no more barriers for which there was no telephoto lens. But there was another problem. We want a bigger magnification, it should be a deeper (thicker) lens.

The laws of physics make it difficult to integrate telephoto objects into smartphones, since the thickness of this depends on the magnification, as well as the physical size of the sensor. Even in the case of smaller ones, the creators have so far managed to achieve 2x or, at best, a 3x optical zoom. This is the case with the Huawei P30 smartphone. For more, a different approach is needed. The Huawei P30 Pro sensor peripheral camera is vertically mounted in the phone or covered at 90 degrees compared to the normal position in the plane of the electronics of the phone. Also, a lens is used, whose lenses are arranged along the phone rather than the "thickness", and at the end of the string is an optical prism that redirects the light by 90 degrees to "fade" the sensor through the lens. Due to this mounting of the lens, larger optical zoom can be achieved without interfering with the phone or reducing the sensors.

However, the Huawei P30 Pro does not rely exclusively on optics to achieve magnification, but also algorithm programs. While the user does not exceed 3x magnification, the camera does not use the telephoto lens. It uses high resolution of the camera's main camera sensor and the ability of the algorithm to compose multiple simultaneous photos in a very high resolution, and then "cut" the desired view from it. From here, up to 5x optical zoom, the phone simultaneously uses both cameras. The camera with the telephoto lens provides the center of photography, and the main camera completes it everywhere. With a 5x magnification, it rests exclusively on a camera with a telephoto lens. By combining multiple shots from both cameras and the capacity of the algorithm, the Huawei P30 Pro is able to achieve a 10x hybrid zoom almost without loss of picture quality. Hence, the increase is appreciated for the quality of the photo, but the details are still very visible at the highest 50x increase.

The optical zoom Huawei P30 is 3 times, because this phone has no periscope lens. The hybrid increase algorithm means that it is between 1 and 2.9 times greater than the increase, and more than 3 to 5 times. From here, the digital zoom takes care of a 10x magnification for photos, which is known for the quality of the photo. The maximum increase with this phone is 30 times.

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