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Ján Johanides (1934-2088) is one of the most important Slovak writers of the 20th century and is included in numerous anthologies of Slovak prose, and in 2016 also in Slovenian. His literary beginnings date back to the early 1960s, in the socio-political sphere characterized by progressive young writers of Slovak literature, gathered around the magazine Mladá tvorba. Their artistically bold experimental writing comes into sharp controversy with the poetics of socialist realism. Photo: Cankarjeva založba

The Chinese emperor Quiánlóng, "master of time and eternity," invites Alistair Cox, the English master watchmaker, to his court and instructs him to create a seemingly impossible hour that will never stop and measure eternity. Cox or Time of Time is a historical and philosophical novel, a fairytale allegory. Photo: Cankarjeva založba

Josef Škvorecky (1924-2012) was a Czech writer who was named Milan Kundera as the most important literary figure in the Czech Republic of the second half of the twentieth century. Photo: Cankarjeva založba

Among Modern Classics for the first time are Johanides and the key work of Skvorecka

November 19, 2018 at 17:26
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Among the recently published novelties from the collection Cankarjeva založba moderne klasike are cowards, the debut of one of the leading Czech writers of the second half of the twentieth century, Josef Skvorec and the groundbreaking work of Slovak prose intimawith which Jan Johanides was presented to Slovenian readers for the first time.

Škvorecky (1924-2012) is with his literary novel, a novel cowards, created in 1948-1949 and published in 1958, aroused strong criticism and enthusiasm of the readers, as they wrote in the publishing house, "due to elements of language conversation and demystification of the resistance movement". As the editor-in-chief Andrej Blatnik said at a press conference, Czech readers of the Czech writer are known for four other works, while Strachettes now has access to his basic work, in which he sees a radical break with the tradition of the Czech novel.

She translated the work of Czech literary classics and equipped her with a comprehensive accompanying word Nives Vidrih. The countryman said that despite the status of the classics and the time of events from the last eight days of the Second World War, the novel is very readable, because they are at the forefront of themes – entertainment and love, and a jazz echo between the lines.

Slovak modernist novels
For the first time, Slovenian readers will have the opportunity to see a letter from a recognized Slovak author John Johanides (1934-2008). As the translator said Andrej PleterskiJohanides is an author who works on 22 songs, and to enter his literary world, Cankarjeva založbi chose a job intima. It is a collection of five novels in which the writer "opened a new but unimaginable horizon" by interweaving the processes of modernism or a new and existentialist novel for readers at home.

Pletner, also the author of the accompanying words in his work, noted that the beginnings of Johannes' literary origins date back to the early 1960s, during the Slovak social and political oppression. According to him, the work can be read in two ways: "The first of these is the historical placement of the work, which presents a quiet, sometimes louder dialogue with dominant, provincial poetics or aesthetics, on the other hand the author derives much of Western influence, which is then divided into Slovak and Czech realities."Stylistically diverse novels touch on the issue of evil, war, social resistance, loneliness, fear and anxiety.

Austrian at the Chinese court
In translate Štefan Vevar very important work was also done Cox or time lapse Austrian writer Christoph Ransmayrjawhich Slovenian readers already know, for example from songs The last world but Flying mountain. Cox or time lapse is a historical and philosophical novel, created in China in the eighteenth century, in which the ruler of Quianlong is in power "the master of time and eternity." He invites the English watchmaker to the court and instructs him to produce a watch that will measure eternity.

Vevar wrote in the attached text that Ransmayr "the author of an impressive, very bold linguistic art, sophisticated poetic performances, the creator of exotic landscapes, a lyrical illustrator of picturesque literary worlds, and at the same time an author of purified images carrying a melodic permanent linguistic rhythm".

Short prose is also derived from the Modern Classics collection. Among the new things this time is a collection of six stories and novels by an American writer E. L. Doctorow (1931-2015) in translation Lili Potpara. The tabletop said that you can combine individual texts at work after reading the last, title novel, and put them together into a reflection on the strength and meaning of the script. Novels of the writers have already been translated into Slovenian Ragtime, Billy Bathgate in World exhibition.

The collection is rich in a short collection Manual for cleaning agents in Alaska, born author Lucie Berlin (1936-2004) in the translation of Pie Prezelj and novels Jutta Heim Maltese writer Immanuel Mifsuda (1967), under the translation they are signed for Vera Pejovič and Peter Semolič.

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