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Storm on European car market, Chinese drone in Slovenia and Mazda gas station truth

In an exciting week, we took a trip from China, where Tesla set up its first factory overseas. From the land of the rising sun, comes the "ehang" passenger drone that landed in Slovenia. What will be our role in the development of third dimension aircraft? In Greece we tried a new renaissance with a capitol, and in Bulgaria the revolutionary petrol "nonbotactiv-X" of Mazda. Uros follows the unveiling of the new BMW 2 Group in Germany earlier this summer. However, the blazer strolled through the streets of Berlin, banning the entry of old diesels. What did he find?

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In September, <span data-lexitem = "European Union” title=”To the European Union 1.2 million newly registered passenger cars, an increase of 14.5 percent over the same period last year. But the reason for the jump is particularly clear, explains the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers ACEA, and it must fluctuate with the introduction of new European rules on WLTP emission tests. In the first nine months of this year, new car sales dropped 1.6 percent over the same period last year.

I write in the comment that there are no reasons for joy. The auto industry is waiting for times. It's no secret that the manufacturers' burden will be reflected in the final price of the car, this is partly happening now.

A Chinese-made passenger drone Ehang landed in Slovenia, which will continue to calm down in Slovenia in the future. We first met him. What they said about him Walter Tropey from the Austrian Development Agency Sura (left) and Daniel Avdagic, Director of Slovenian Technology Launch ESA Living Lab.

Uros introduced the new BMW 2 Granite in the spring, but can now report on it. What are his impressions of Bavaria's smallest branded sedan, driven only by the front or four-wheel drive?

Matthews met with a new reproduction of the capitol in Greece. The successor to a very successful predecessor who has convinced more than 1.5 million customers in six years. What is the second issue?

We are testing Mazda's revolutionary non-fuel-injected petrol engine. Do you really consume as much diesel and spoil your petrol at the same time? What's special about how much you spend in practice …

Diesels are expelled from city centers. Will we breathe easier? The experience of Germany. The story of Blaze Kupac, who walked through areas closed to old diesels and talked to locals.

Tesla in China with its first ownership in a foreign car factory. The company has obtained the certification it needs to begin manufacturing in China.

The new yachts are Toyota's weapon against European environmental penalties. It comes out on the market in much better versions. The city car is slightly smaller and lower, but much wider and more spacious. Will be powered by a modern three-cylinder petrol hybrid with more power and less power. Willie has a wealth of safety features, including serial accessories and a much nicer look.

American car giant General Motors and union <span data-lexitem = "United car workers” title=”United Auto Workers ”> United auto workers have reached a deal on a new four-year collective agreement that will end a month-long strike of about 48,000 employees, Reuters reported.

How to use electric vehicles in Post Slovenia to save primarily on vehicle maintenance.

The main mission of delivery vehicles is to transport as much cargo as possible at the lowest possible cost, but today, in the eyes of their users, there are many other things.

Electric cars are no longer so rare on Slovenian roads, but people still don't accept them and distrust drivers. Error!

With Porsche, they have proven once again with new makers that they are keeping up with trends, but in a typical style they write their own adventure. Makan is an ideal fusion of sporty and stable power for anyone who doesn't want to compromise.

However, with the cheaper entry-level model Tejana, Porsche went into battle with the Tesla Model C.

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