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At the Mate 40 series presentation event, which includes three models (Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro +), Huawei Consumer BG also introduced the second generation of Eyewear II smart glasses, which will also be available in Europe, and smart watch Porsche Design Watch GT 2 capable of continuously measuring blood oxygen levels.

Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II: A flawless fusion of technology and fashion
The second generation of smart glasses Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II continues to focus on sound and smart innovations in a more avant-garde yet comfortable design. With them, Huawei creates a trend of smart fashion accessories for sophisticated and fashion conscious users.

The glasses, which will also be available in Europe for the first time this year, have been redesigned by Huawei in partnership with Gentle Monster. They rely on a design philosophy that is not only stunning visually, but also emphasizes the user personality through a wide range of models, and Huawei has contributed with a wealth of technological know-how. Semi-open, ultra-slim, high-amplitude sound, the driver effectively prevents sound leakage to provide the user with high quality high definition stereo sound. Meanwhile, an updated smart interaction feature turns glasses into a smart personal assistant, offering faster access to information and a whole new experience of using a wearable device.

Fashion and comfort hand in hand
In designing the new generation of glasses, they also focused on comfort in wearing. Due to the precise integration of the technology in thin handles made of a combination of plastic and titanium, the glasses are extremely light and do not interfere with wearing. The hinges between the frame and the handles are also made of titanium, which promises long-term use. However, they also changed the angle from 12 ° to 20 ° to achieve a better fit. Compared to the first generation, the Huawei Eyewear II glasses have a larger but slimmer speaker with a wider frequency range for an in-depth sound experience and are therefore perfect for listening to music, playing games or watching TV.

Huawei Eyewear II glasses also have a unique acoustic design that protects privacy. One semi-open sound driver on each handle transmits sound directly to the ear through a directional chamber and prevents it from leaking away from the user for clearer and more layered stereo sound. Meanwhile, both handles have a perforated design to compensate for the directional sound waves, which further reduces leakage. With volume adjustment technology, the glasses automatically reduce the volume according to the volume of the environment for excellent listening and the least possible impact on the environment.

Smart sound, smart interaction
Huawei II glasses allow gesture control. To pair, gently squeeze the left handle, double-tap, launch the Smart Digital Assistant and swipe to control song playback, jump to the next or previous one, and adjust the volume. The glasses also have built-in position sensors, so they automatically stop playback when you take them off and resume if you put them back on for the next three minutes.

Huawei has taken a step forward in terms of smart experience. When you put the glasses on for a while and put them back on, a window with information about the battery status appears on the screen of the connected smartphone. You can check other details, including the greeting displayed each day on first use. In addition to an exceptional sound experience, the Huawei Eyewear II glasses have a powerful battery that allows music to be played for up to 5 hours. They also feature wireless charging and an NFC interface for easier pairing with other devices. They are available in Europe for 299 euros.

Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2: Classic design and sports car-inspired materials
The latest smartwatch is a classic and luxurious accessory of the Huawei Watch GT 2 family and marks the entry of the German design company Porsche Design into the wearable industry. The Porsche Design Watch GT 2 is a stunning combination of innovative technologies and a clean and functional design philosophy, resulting in an all-new look for the next smartwatch development period.

The new version of the smartwatch has a sophisticated titanium case, while the logo on the top edge of the screen gives it a great touch. The innovative belt is also made of titanium. It is also distinguished by easy fastening and length adjustment. The result is a flawlessly designed high-end smartwatch, scratch-resistant and suitable for everyday wear and outdoor activities. The crowns (buttons) on the right side of the smartwatch border a red circle, typical of Porsche Design, and prove the innovation and excellence of the workmanship. They are already sensitive to gentle pressure.

The overall aesthetics of the smartwatch is rounded off with custom digital dial (watches). Classic and always on, it allows you to pass time smoothly on your wrist and make reading easier. While the E-Clean desk introduces the analog display to the digital age. The racing lines on the back of the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 40 RS smartphone have been transferred to the smartwatch, which is considered a tribute to the top sports cars and motorsport. The watch also offers an innovative stopwatch display that starts measuring time after you tap the screen.

Smart methods of exercise and health monitoring
Like some other models in the Watch GT 2 family, the new smartwatch provides two weeks of battery life and offers a reliable helper in monitoring activity and health. To this end, it offers more than 100 indoor and outdoor training modes, including ski support, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and golf. Because it is water resistant to a depth of 5 meters, it is an ideal companion in all conditions.

Heart rate monitoring is more accurate thanks to the new Huawei TruSeen 4.0+ technology and the improved (6-in-1) sensor. The screen of the smartwatch and the heart rate sensor are protected by sapphire crystal glass, while the back is made of ceramics adapted to the skin. Porsche Design Watch GT 2 offers 24-hour monitoring of heart rate, stress levels, sleep quality and, as a novelty, blood oxygen level SpO2. The Porsche Design Watch GT 2 smartwatch will be available in some parts of Europe at a suggested retail price of € 695, including a wireless charger and an additional plastic rubber strap.

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