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Qantas one step closer to launching the longest commercial flight

The introduction of scheduled service between Sydney and London and Sydney and New York has been described by Qantas CEO as "the last milestone in aviation". Reuters photo

Boeing 787-9 with 49 people on The tile is a 16,200-mile journey from New York to Sydney necessary 19 hours and 16 minutes. It was a test flight from an Australian airline Qantas, which is considering connecting Sydney with New York and London via direct lines. This long-scheduled commercial flight, with full cab and cargo capacity occupancy, is not yet complete. To provide the aircraft with enough fuel for the entire flight, it is Kantasov the boat took off with a full tank and a limited amount of luggage, but did not carry any additional cargo.

49 passengers left for New York on Sydney time – 15 hours before. There are lights on the plane others lit until nightfall on Eastern Australia. After shaking Sydney since the start of the flight, they wanted to Kantasu reduce the impact of a big time change on their passengers. Six hours after take-off, passengers were served with carbohydrates and cab lights dimmed after dinner, making it easier for passengers to fall asleep.

On the test flight, Cantas's coloring was not burdened by its capacity. Reuters photo

During the flight, the airline conducted several tests, which included monitoring the pilot's brain waves, melatonin levels and monitoring his collection. During the long flight, an exercise was organized for passengers and experts analyzed the impact on the human body has crossed so many time zones.

"This is a major breakthrough in aviation. I hope this is a preview of regular laziness that will speed up the journeys of people from one end of the world on the other, " the group's director said after a long flight from the United States to Australia Qantas Alan Joyce, marking the introduction of the planned route to Sydney – London and Sydney – New York "The last milestone in aviation". Qantas plans to fly non-stop from London to Sydney next month, after which the airline will decide whether to include a direct flight in its regular offer. This should ideally happen in 2022.

Competition on The long-haul market has been tightening in recent years as more airlines are offering longer flights. The company Singapore Airlines last year included in its regular offer more than 18 hours from Singapore to regular New York, which is currently considered the longest scheduled airline.

List of currently longest commercial flights. Flights, airlines, length (km) and flight times are listed. The longest flight currently offers Singapore Airlines, which runs 18 hours and 25 minutes over 15,000 kilometers. Photo: BBC

Flights longer than 17 hours are also offered to airlines Qatar The airways, Emirates, United Airlinesand two such flights are already offered by the Australian Qantas, which may have the longest commercial flight in the near future.

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