So far, the world's longest tooth was protruding in India and was only half a millimeter shorter than the tooth Lucas expired on 63-year-old Mainz Croat.

The story of the record-breaking tooth began in a rather painful way last September, when 63-year-old Miao Vodopi needed the help of a dentist for tooth inflammation. Lucas has already revealed on X-ray that he is dealing with "an incredibly long tooth," Jutarnji List reported today, which also released a record-length tooth photo.


The newspaper adds that nearly three-quarters of the tooth was chewed on the upper jaw and that the tooth could not be resolved, but only protruded. The intervention was successful and Vodopia recovered quickly and relieved the pain.

The German dentist, however, did not stop there. With Vodopia's consent, he retained his tooth and began editing documentation to officially obtain the world's highest tooth certificate. It was listed in the Guinness Book of Records last week, the newspaper added.


The dentist from Offenbach also scientifically described the work of extracting teeth in one of the specialized medical journals.