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PHOTO: The third place will be a sign of a new beginning

Marcel Hirscher is a cross-country skier. Each time he defeated almost invincible, he seems to have reached the last stage. However, the 29-year-old, when he proves that he can do more. "On a gigantic slalom in Adelboden, I almost lay on a slope on a slope, I was saved from the position with the last power atoms, but in the end I won, that's why I became a mountaineer,« he remembered one of the situations of the past winter, in which he confirmed that it can not be done. Now the competition in Lapland is waiting for him.

Hirscher's preparatory period was different for the second time in a row than in the past. Last year, he broke his ankle on the first day of training in the snow, which he went through all summer and autumn exercises. But it did not stop him. In fact, he took care of his best season in his career, won 13 wins in the World Cup, won seven record crystal balls in a row, added laurels in both technical disciplines to the collection and placed a full stop on and with two gold Olympic medals. This year his preparatory routine was interrupted by a beautiful message, for the first time he became a father.

Although he says that he will adapt the competition schedule, the majority still consider him the main favorite of the eighth big world. PHOTO: Lisi Niesner / Reuters

"Sport has always been the most important thing for me, and on the other hand, my privacy, it will change now," Hirscher announced in the summer and stressed that he would adapt the competition schedule to his family. "It may happen that they will need me at home, and I will not go to the match because something more important is happening. A lot of people have told me that this is not unusual in other departments." he thought about father's responsibility.

Despite such warnings, only a few think that they will not attack the eighth largest crystal globe. Even if it does not hit the match, it is still the first favorite to the highest number of points in the overall World Cup. In the last three seasons, rivals have been left behind. He was the closest to him in the past Henrik Kristoffersen with a loss of 335 points, in the winter of 2016/17 is the second highest Katsila Jansruda left for 675 points, another Kristoffersen before 497 (for easier execution: the win wins 100 points).

Sport has always been the most important for him. When he became a father, now he will be different, Marcel Hirscher warns about parental responsibility. PHOTO: Matej Družnik / Delo

The results statistics are missing only Olympic gold this year, and because he finally won in the past in winter, the question arises, what happened to 58 World Cup victories, three Olympic games, five world champions, seven large and ten young Globes still wives in competition on the white slopes. "But will you succeed?" he replied to the provocative edition of the journalist in the newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten. "Joke on the side, of course I have this race ski genre, I'm not quite ready, although I probably reached the peak of my career." Hirscher explained.

He won the Hirscher World Championship. On an eternal scale, it is only for the legendary Stenmark (86).

He always wanted to drive fast, it was his goal. "I never thought about what was successful and what it means to be a successful skier in Austria. When it comes to privacy, you pay a high price, you can not be alone or film or restaurant,« he said and stressed that he constantly tolerates these obstacles, the consequences of success and fame, just because he loves his sport so much. "In addition to everything alpine skiing is what I am good at, what I know best, which is why it would be a pity if it stopped" The 29-year-old Austrian champion, because of the cult of Sweden, is convinced Ingemar Stenmark (with 86 wins) for the second time in the eternal rankings of the most successful skiers in history in the number of victories.

Although, given the concerns expressed at the end of last season, when he said he must stop, he had to take some time to think about whether to pursue a sporting career, it seems to be his last season, he never said it . "As long as I am willing to pay the price for success, I will continue my career for so long." leaves an open question about the future.

When it comes to goals, it's honest. He is the highest-ranking champion and the result is clear. Third places do not interest him. But he realizes that in the future the day will come when his performance curve will fall and fall: "Then it will make my decision easier. If one day I get the third place, I will certainly take it as a sign that it's time for a new chapter in life." decisive Hirscher, who made his debut in the World Cup in 2007, observed the cross-shaped stairs in the next season, and then climbed the winning stage every winter.

This year he won the only laurel he missed: Olympic gold. He ran with two. PHOTO: Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

What will he do in this new chapter of life he is waiting for? "I do not know exactly, but I know there will not be much change." Well, I will not be exposed again, nor will I be interviewed, but sport will always remain very important in my life. I imagine that this will be part of my job , even after the end of a competitive career, « he thought in conversation with the Austrian officer.

As an alpine skier he has many competitive years ahead, but apparently he will not take advantage of them. He has said many times that he will not hunt Stenmarck, who won in the history of alpine skiing, because he will not be skiing so long. He says he is not afraid that the future with a sports pension will bring a lot of emptiness, which probably applies to every freshly retired pensioner.

"I'm not quite ready, although I've probably peaked in my career." Alpine skiing is what I know best. "

The World Cup has the same faces for many years under an umbrella, and is still in the foreground Aksel Lund Svindal, Henrik Kristoffersen, Alexis Pinturault and others. When will the new generations appear? "This jump will probably be right in front of the door and it can happen faster than many people expect. When I watch young Norwegian skiers in training, I think: guys, are you crazy? They go full time on every training, on the edge of their abilities. Klemens Noel«« revealed who came into his eyes. "It's starting. We'll see," just before the start of the men's season, Marcel Hirscher was thinking about the experience of alpine skiing in the last seven years.

Austrian champion can get rid of many impossible cross-country skiing and finally wins. And that's why he became an alpine skier, he says. PHOTO: Tomi Lombar / Delo

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