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PHOTO: An experienced caveman was rescued all night and all day

The Renaissance Cave, discovered last year in the area of ​​Koze Station, where most of the caves on the Trnovo forest plateau are located, is a rescue action for the 47-year-old early-morning cave. Bogomir Remskar. The rock fell on its head as it returned to the surface. Rescuers have been activated by the cave rescue services in Tolmin, Kranj, Sezana, Postina, the RCS leadership and members of the national protection unit against UCC in the Ljubljana region. As the head of the Cave Rescue Service told us Walter End received a call for assistance at 1.27 pm. First, an ambulance, born in Parma, intervened and then the others joined.

The cave of Reporodor is about ten kilometers from the fork on the main road to Lokve over Prometheus, deep in the forest and 1,300 meters above sea level.

The entrance to the cave needs to be widened and stabilized to carry the injured. PHOTO: Max M., Edward G. and FDDR Ajdovnica

Bogomir Remskar was together Greg Maffie continue with the discovery of the Revival Cave. Up to a depth of 150 meters, everything went as planned. As he was returning, about one o'clock in the morning, a rock fell on Remchar's head. As the head of intervention and president of the Cave Federation, Igor Benko, explained to us, at the headquarters of the cave a few meters from where they were coordinating the rescue action yesterday, Remark climbed to one of the rocks and climbed to the top cut off. The latter fell on Remchar's head, destroyed the protective helmet and badly damaged his head. He suffered a concussion and hematoma over his eye, and doctors suspected damage to the cervical vertebrae.

It climbed another 30 meters

Remshar then climbed another 30 meters and reached the Mafia. He told him what had happened and the soybeans immediately provided him with supplies and then left the cave to call for rescuers. Not finding the keys to Remskar's vehicle, he smashed the rear window of the car, grabbed the phone and warm clothing and returned to the damaged cave.

Meanwhile, a major rescue operation has already begun, with CRS RF Residents RF Tolmin, Kranj, Sezana, Postina, the leadership of the Caves Rescue Service and members of the national protection unit against EKSO of the Ljubljana region. More than 20 rescuers were involved, including a doctor who was constantly in the cave accident. Benko explained to us that the victim, who was conscious, was placed in a bivouac and isolated from the cave environment. They kept room temperature, with only five degrees Celsius in the cave. It could only be brought from a stretcher cave, but they faced the problem of two straits, one at a depth of one hundred meters and the other 50 meters lower near Remskar.

To carry Remskar across the strait, the straits had to be expanded by blasting. But before that, a special team for clearing the strait, led by Slavko Jomnik, had to remove unstable rocks at the top of the cave. They also had to clear the entrance to the cave. In doing so, they used a special explosive device that does not release toxic gases but produces extra oxygen during the explosion.

Similarly, explained Homnik, despite this one accident, they have dealt with them twice in the last three years. He said both caves are considered experienced cave rescuers. "You have to walk a lot of caves to be experienced. But the more you are in the caves, the greater your chance of an accident, "he said.

PHOTO: Max M., Edward G. and FDDR Ajdovnica

PHOTO: Max M., Edward G. and FDDR Ajdovnica

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