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PHOTO: Alina (2) predicted it would be a plant

BRICS – »Alina all the time she needs someone around me so my work is 24 hours a day. It's tiring, but her smile and progress, though slow, give me the will and energy, "she says. Anita Kodric Krajcic from Deep, a two-year-old and four-month-old girl Alina Krajnic. This is a real struggle. It was predicted to be just a plant, but all the effort, numerous therapies, and untold love of her parents, Anita's mother and father Matthew, they helped us move forward and become more aware of the life around them.

They will need an elevator

Alina knew people when she was only six months old. By posting on Facebook, parents chased many Slavs with a good heart, and many activities took place to help heal the beautiful girl. Because he has regular therapies paid for by our health care, the most effective are occupational therapy and physiotherapy, but if we waited, there would surely be no progress, as he has already achieved in his short life. "Manual therapies, osteopathy and hyperbaric chamber, these are the treatments that work best for them, but they pay. Thus, in the months when he has a hyperbaric chamber, only 500 to 600 euros are deducted for therapies. It's expensive, but when you make progress, the money is forgotten, "says Anita. All money raised and still raised for Alina, including at the Red Cross in Brescia, is intended exclusively for therapies. "Many have responded to our request for assistance and I would like to thank each of them, considered every euro. It also has a great response when stoppers are collected, and we are still collecting them. Now we are waiting to deliver what 40 big bags we have ready. From all parts of Slovenia they stopped for Alina, ”says Anita. And they raise money for July paper therapy. It can be placed in a container at Work at the Eros company in the craft area of ​​Brezin, in Krajnjic's home in Globoki, with parents in Juppe you, in a container at the Carlo café near Spar in Brescia.

$ 500-600 a month costs therapies.

Anita and Matthew with Alina a good year PHOTO: Tania Faxse Gavda

Alina suffered brain damage due to complications during childbirth, and her list of diagnoses is long: she has spastic dystonic parabolic cerebral palsy 5, epilepsy, brain damage, vision impairment, severe global developmental retardation, microcephaly. "If you can find the right drugs and therapies that will help you. Even if she can keep her head upright, it would be a great thing, she already manages to do so, but any epileptic attack or virus will do what she previously acquired. It is also bad because it has a strong vomiting reflex. This happens when her body tightens back, but when she does not hesitate, she vomits. So I always have vomiting ready. It is especially difficult to drive where you are likely to go, as Matthew now has two jobs, one in the morning and one at home in the workshop because he has an afternoon job. But we need money, not just for therapy, we'll have to think about the elevator as well, because Alina is getting worse, "said Anita, who, in constant care and fear for her daughter, even began to panic, and had to call an ambulance twice.

Satisfied in kindergarten

"Alina has been visiting the kindergarten in Krcko since April last year, she's in the development department, where they care a lot and she's really extremely happy, so I leave a light heart there and use that time to collect the paper. Unfortunately, most of the therapies are also in the morning, so at that time she does not go to care, "says Anita, who now has a childcare hospital but is returning to work next month, already eager to wait. she returned to Sen's Papirotta Collective, where her sick daughter is very much at hand.
Alina laughs a lot, even when satisfied, her eye contact also improves, she grows more and more often, though not verbally, her nonverbal communication thrives. "Based on the predictions they made, I can say it's a Mercedes now," Anita smiles, pointing to a photo taken the day before, when Alina leaned on her stomach, laying on her arms and purring. . "Without the help of good people, I wouldn't have had so many therapies and I would never have achieved them. These moments when you notice her power and desire for life are golden worthy, give us strength and show us that we are on the right track, "Anita and Matthew are grateful. N.

Manual therapies, osteopathy and hyperbaric chamber, these are the treatments that are most convenient but pay.

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