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Milwaukee is the first semifinalist, champion with a ball and others without a star

In the NBA, the first finalist of the conference is known. This is Milwaukee Bucks, who beat Boston in the fifth match with 116: 91. The Golden State Warriors champions beat Houston 104: 99 and won the final for the promotion. In the third quarter, Kevin Durant starred in an early premature injury.

For the first time since 1983, Bucks won the playoffs against Celt, the NBA semifinals in the last two seasons, who won the first game in the series and then lost four consecutive matches.

"I think we changed the way we think after the first game," Antetongo said: "At the first match we were not focused enough on the final goal, we did not play as we know it. In the next four games, we entered a different approach, with another mentality, a lot of money. "

"In the first game we were not focused enough on the ultimate goal, we did not play as we know it. In the next four games, we entered a different approach, with another mentality that paid us a lot of money."
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In the Eastern Conference finals, the Milwaukee home team will use better than Toronto Raptors – a duel at Philadelphia 76ers in which Toronto lead 3-2.

Greek star Giannis Anteoamppo, with 20 points, eight rebounds and eight initials, led his teammates to victory, with seven domestic basketball players taking part with at least ten points.

In addition to the first star, Chris Middleton (19 points), Eric Bledso (18), George Hill (16), Nikola Mirotic (10) and Ersan Ilyasova (10) and Malcolm Breggon, who returned after a leg injury. the playground went from March 15 and reached ten points in 17 minutes.

Domestic basketball players threw a cover over Boston Ciri Irving (15 points), who scored only one of the seven trophies, a total of six of the 21 attempts from the match and ended with only one goal.

Champions without the Giant to the last ball

Golden State Warriors won the fifth match against Houston Rockets at home on home ground with 104: 99, although Kevin Durant lost in the third quarter due to damage to the spinal muscle, and needed another win for the breakthrough among the top four teams.

Golden State Warriors earned a final ball for promotion.

Golden State Warriors earned a final ball for promotion.
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Durant did not finish the match with 22 points, five rebounds and four pitches. The host's first goalkeeper was Clay Thompson, who scored 27 points, including a key basket of 4.1 seconds before the end.

James Harden, for missiles that will try to avoid failure on Friday, will reach 31 points.

NBA League, Semifinals at the Conference, May 8:

Conference semi-final, results in wins:

Western Conference:

Golden State Warriors – Houston Rockets 3-2
Denver Nuggets – Portland Trail Blazers 3: 2

Eastern Conference:

Milwaukee Bucks – Boston Celtics 4: 1
Toronto Raptors – Philadelphia 76ers 3: 2

They play four wins on the system 2-2-1-1-1.

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