Thursday , January 21 2021

Megan Markle: I had an abortion early in the summer

The duchess admitted in a recent post that she had a miscarriage in July. “When I was holding my firstborn child, I knew I was losing my second child,” she told readers of an American newspaper. She described the experience, adding that the event completely broke Prince Harry.

That’s in the New York Times article Megan Markle wrote that one summer morning she felt sharp pain while lifting her firstborn from the crib Archive.

Megan Markle revealed to the public that she had a miscarriage.PHOTO: Profimedia

Marklova said she and the prince later headed to the hospital Harry, and the situation broke her husband’s heart. She also described an unpleasant day that started like everyone else: “It was a July morning that started as usual. I made breakfast. She fed the dogs. She took vitamins. She found the lost sock. She picked up the boy who was rolling under the table. “You tied my hair in a ponytail before I lifted my son out of the crib.”

After changing his diaper, she felt a sharp cramp: “I fell to the floor with the baby in my arms, muttering a lullaby to calm them both down. “The playful melody was in stark contrast to my feeling that something was wrong.”

“When I clung to my firstborn, I knew I was losing another.” she added. Hours later, she was already in the hospital holding Prince Harry by the hand. “I felt the immobility of his palm, I kissed his ankles, which were wet from our tears. We stared at the cold white walls, I looked at him. “I was trying to imagine how we were going to get through all this.”described the difficult moments of losing a child.

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