Sunday , October 17 2021

Marco Potr replied: I am grateful

One of the most notorious Slovenes and ardent opponents of government measures against the spread of the coronavirus epidemic recently left for Sweden with his family. Many are interested in what he does and how his family lives there. Informs his followers through social networks about how he is and what they do.

»This is Sweden at Christmas time. Smiling people on the streets, relaxed in bars, restaurants and cafes and pleasantly decorated streets. In addition, of course, they still take into account the distance, take good care of hand hygiene and have not yet met anyone with signs of illness. Of course, there are certain restrictions and guidelines, but people are allowed to live, so to speak, subject to them. I am grateful that my children can experience this wonderful Christmas time here, as well as attend school and be children in general. Sweden is friendly with guests who stay a little longer. And let’s not forget that. Especially not at a time when normalcy is valued well. We sincerely send congratulations to all and wish you all the best! «

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